How To Make Paper Clip Jewelry

Paper clips clutter around us. They are usually used on paperwork in the office and school. They easily get lost due to their small size. To contribute to a greener environment, it is about time to do something with these little paper clips before our landfills might get full of garbage. You can make pretty jewelry from paper clips. This artwork can help us realize that beautiful things can come from the simplest recycling of common trash.

This project is quite easy but with loads of fun! This craft project helps kids turns paper clips into jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. It does not take much money to create paper clip jewelry, but it makes the kids excited and proud.

To work with, you need about twenty gold paper clips or more, two sheets of glittering scrapbook paper for fashionable look and some soft colored paper for the tarnished look, craft glue, a ruler, glitter dust, beads and scissors. You may need more paper clips depending on the number of bracelets or necklaces you want to make. Here are the steps to make your own paper clip jewelry:

  1. Connect. Gather about 20 or more paper clips. Link the paper clips to each other to create the first necklace. Be certain that the paper clips are interlaced with each other.
  2. Test pull and wear. Slightly pull the link apart to test for weak spots or breakage. If you find any, replace that paper clip with a stronger one. When you had linked the paper clips together, slip the necklace over the child’s head. Be certain that it fits over and slides down to the neck easily. If not, add one or two paper clips and try again. 
  3. Trial wrap. Put the paper clip like a circle on a flat clean surface and prepare the paper, fabric and other materials to decorate beautifully. Cut pieces of colored paper and wrap each piece on a paper clip. Each piece must be long enough to wrap entirely each paper clip. The width must not be more than the length of paper clip, just slightly less. Pick a trial piece and wrap a clip. If a small part of the ends of the clip appears, then the cutting of your trial piece is just right.
  4. Accessorize. Cut pieces of paper or fabric the same size with the trial piece you had done. Spread glue on the backs of the pieces. Wrap the pieces around and around the clip. Work on one clip at a time. Do not apply too much glue that it will ooze out from the rolled wrappings of paper. Use glitter and glue on the outside. Stick the beads on the links using the glue. Continue until all paper clips are decorated.

Well done! You had officially made your first paper clip jewelry. You can now proceed to create bracelets and anklets. On the surface, no one is really impressed with jewelry made from paper clips, but at the glimpse of your little creation, they will certainly be!


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