How To Make Plastic String Bracelets

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Looking fabulous does not have to cost you money. One of the ways for you to easily accessorize without relying on expensive stones and metals is through the use of plastic string bracelets. Plastic string bracelets instantly stand out and are very inexpensive to make. These are also great do it yourself projects for young girls and perfect as giveaways for parties. Here are the steps to making your own plastic string bracelets.

  1. Measure. Take a tape measure and use it to determine the length of the bracelet that you will use for your wrist. If you are making a plastic string bracelet for another person, it is best for you to measure their wrists first. Girls and women have different wrist sizes, and making a plastic string bracelet that is too small will be very uncomfortable. Too big, however, and the bracelet will easily fall off the wrist. Add a few inches of excess string which you will use to close off the bracelet.
  2. Add a knot. Before you insert the beads into the bracelet, add a knot on the end of the string. The knot should be bigger than the holes in the beads so that it will be able to hold the beads in place. As an alternative to the basic plastic string bracelets, you can also add braids or weave patterns using three or more plastic strings. If you are using this, make sure that you knot the ends as well.
  3. Add the beads. Take the beads and then lay them out on the table. Before you insert them into the string, it is best for you to create the pattern first. If you have made your design before inserting the beads into the string, you can be sure that you will not have to remove all the beads just to get a wrong bead out at the back end. Insert the beads carefully, and make sure that you do not fill the string with too much beads which can make the bracelet very stiff and uncomfortable to wear. As much as possible, the bracelet should follow the shape of the wrist without any problems.
  4. Tie off. Once the beads are in place, you need to tie the end of the bracelet with a knot. This knot should have a permanent loop that you can fit over the first knot that you have made at the other end of the bracelet. You can also use certain hooks and latches that are specifically designed for string bracelets. These have small loops that will allow you to easily connect the ends of the strings.  Once the ends are connected, these locks have latches that will allow you to fasten the bracelet.

As an alternative to the basic plastic string bracelet, you can braid several plastic strings to make the bracelet. Insert a few beads in between the braids to accentuate the bracelet. Use plastic strings in different colors to spice up your bracelet.


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