How To Make Rhinestone Hair Combs

Rhinestone hair combs are not hard to make, there are many different ways to go about making rhinestone hair combs with various degrees of difficulty, and they all are lovely when they are done and fun to wear. You might even get a few orders from your friends for them in the process.

To begin your rhinestone hair combs, you will need a few supplies. Hair combs that are plain, they come in a few colors so that is a personal choice is inexpensive to obtain at any department store or dollar store. Rhinestones usually will be found at craft stores in packages with the amount per package depending on the size you are using. Small stones are the best if you are going to be covering the entire top of the comb with them. Larger are good for accents when you add other items to the combs like ribbon or fabric. They are available in many colors so again, this is personal taste. If you are expert with a hot glue gun and the glue sticks you can get this to secure the stones to your comb, or use a fast tacky craft glue that dries clear. Depending on how fancy you want to make the combs, you may want a pair if sharp scissors and ribbon, feathers or wire to adorn your hair combs.

Lay your articles out on a table so you have plenty of room and access to all the parts to begin making your rhinestone hair combs. Arrange your rhinestones the way you want them on your table before putting them on the hair comb. Once you are satisfied with the way the pattern looks, get the glue gun or tacky glue and start applying the rhinestones to the hair comb top. Use the smallest spot of glue you can from the tip of the glue or glue gun. Place a drop on the comb and place the rhinestone in the glue spot. Continue doing this until all the stones are on the hair comb that you are using. Let the glue dry if using tacky glue to make the rhinestone hair comb for a few hours. If you have used the glue gun it is ready to go when the glue cools, This is usually pretty fast.

You should now have a lovely rhinestone hair comb to wear for yourself or use as a one of a kind gift for a friend. That is the beauty of making your own rhinestone hair combs; you are the artist and they are all customized to your unique taste. You can add all kinds of other things to the rhinestone hair combs as you get better at making them and you get more ideas along the way.


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