How To Make Rings with Swarovski Crystal Beads

Pink and black crystal beads

Precision-cut Swarovski Crystals sparkle like diamonds but are far less expensive. Start your own handmade collection of sophisticated and unique jewelry by learning how to make rings with Swarovski Crystal beads. Use these simple and easy-to-follow instructions to quickly construct one, or several, crystal bead and wire rings that are appropriate for daily wear, yet elegant enough for an evening out.

You will need three 3mm Swarovski Crystal beads, cut in bi-cone, cube or round shapes plus 18 and 20 gauge jewelry wire. For your tools, assemble wire clippers, needle nose pliers, round pliers, a ruler, a metal file, and a ring mandrel.

To start, find your ring size in inches. To do this, cut a ½ inch wide strip of paper and wrap it around your finger so that it is not too tight yet won’t slip off. Mark and measure that length.

Cut your wire. For an easier ring project you will need one 5 inch piece and one 4½ inch piece of 18-gauge wire. To make a slightly more complex ring additionally cut one 15 inch piece of 20-gauge wire.

Take the 5 inch piece of 18-gauge wire and fold back 1½ inches from either end using round nose pliers. To make a simpler ring, just wrap the ends 2-3 times to secure the loops, and skip the next step.

To make a more complex ring, line up the folded wire flat and snip off the ends of the wire just before the loops on either side. Wrap the center of the 15 inch piece of 20-gauge wire around the center of the 18-gauge wire. Keep the wires flat and continue wrap tightly, continuing over the snipped ends until you reach the loops. Snip off any excess and tuck the ends in.

Take the 1½ inch piece of 18-gauge wire and fold back a u-shaped loop 1 inch from one end. Loop that through one side of the wrapped wire and secure by wrapping 1-2 times around the remainder.

Thread the crystal beads onto this piece, hold them in place and wrap the whole thing around the ring mandrel at the appropriate size. As the opposite end of the wire comes around, thread it straight through the second loop.

Slide the ring off the mandrel and make another loop 1 ½ inches from the end of the wire with the beads on it. Wrap it 1-2 times around itself to secure.

File all exposed ends of wire smooth then bring the finished ring onto the mandrel again to complete the shaping.

Your first Swarovski Crystal bead ring is now complete. With your new skills you can experiment with different types of metal wires and a variety of crystal beads for an endless assortment of original ring designs.


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