How To Make Rubber Band Knot Bracelets

Making your own bracelets is a good idea if you want to set yourself apart from other people. You can create different kinds of bracelets from the things that you already have at home. One of the materials that you can use is a rubber band. Collect plenty of rubber bands and then use them to make rubber band knot bracelets. You can use colorful elastic rubber bands for the hair for more colors. Find out how to make your own rubber band knot bracelets by following these step-by-step instructions.

  • Start the rubber band. Get two pieces of rubber bands. Loop one band on the other band. Get the end of the first band that you looped and then pass it through itself. You should now have a knot that connects the 2 rubber bands together. Pull on the rubber band to secure the knot tightly.
  • Create the bracelet. Continue doing the steps above until you come up with a chain of rubber bands that can fit on your wrist. This should take about 4 to 5 rubber bands.
  • Lock the rubber band bracelet. To lock the bracelet and finish the rubber band, knot the 2 ends together. You can double knot the ends to make sure the knot won’t slip while you are wearing the rubber band bracelet.
  • You now have a rubber band knot bracelet. You can make the bracelet thicker and make it into a rubber band cuff bracelet by using more rubber bands for each ‘chain link’. You can also make a necklace to match your rubber band bracelet. This is just one of the ways you can make your own bracelets. To know how to make more bracelets, check out some of the ideas listed below.
  • Safety pin bracelet. Another idea is to make safety pin bracelets. Collect small safety pins and then pin them together to form a bracelet. To make it more colorful and creative, pin some beads on the safety pin before closing it. You can make this into a charm bracelet too.
  • Leather cuff. To make a leather cuff, you need an old leather belt that you no longer use, scissors and string. Cut the old belt so that it fits snuggly on your wrist. Use your scissors or a cutter to poke some holes at the ends of the leather. Use the string to secure the cuff on your wrist by tying the leather together just like your shoelaces.
  • Bangles. Collect the tape cardboard from used up masking tape or scotch tape. Cover it with some fabric or art paper. You can attach the fabric or the paper using a glue gun. You can sew on buttons or beads on the fabric to make it more attractive. You now have a homemade bangle made of tape cardboard.

These are just a few of the ideas that you can do to make homemade bracelets from everyday materials that you can find at home. Be resourceful and experiment to come up with creative jewelry ideas.


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