How To Make Safety Pin Earrings

There are a multitude of ways to make safety pin earrings, the only real factor would be how much you wanted to spend on them. You can make your earrings from the not expensive stainless steel safety pins, the tiny gold colored pins or go big and get some gold or sterling silver for your new safety pin earring project. For imagination and things you wish to use, the sky is the limit.

First, gather your pins, beads, the small seed beads are good if the holes in them are big enough to fit on the pins. Go up a size if you are using bigger pins to make sure they will fit on the safety pin you use. This is how to make the earrings that dangle so you will need ear wires to attach the pins to. Get a couple pairs of needle nose pliers; they do not have to be big ones but you will need them when you are beading the safety pin earring bottoms. You may want to have some wire in the color of the pins as well in case it is needed to attach them to the earrings.

Take the pin and open it, then grab it with the pliers and uncurl the "hinge" on the pin enough so the beads will slide easily on to the pin. Add beads to the hinge, re-curl the pin so it will close. Re-open the pin and continue sliding the beads on until it is full and will close. Close the pin to keep the beads on. This is one done with beads. Continue with as many safety pins as you want to dangle from the earring wire, you can either wire the tops together and make one loop to hang on the ear wire, or thread them on separately.

Now, if you want to add more or something to cover the head of the pin you can get small feathers and use a bit of glue and put them in the bottom bead, use some fabric, ribbon, paint what ever you want to use to hide the head on the safety pin earring, or just leave it plain. The ideas you can use are only limited by you, and weight. You wouldn't want to use something too heavy that might make your ears sore.

Once you have completed assembling your new safety pin earrings, make sure you dip the ear wires in alcohol or peroxide so they are clean before using them. You do not have to sanitize the bottom part that you made, just the part that will go in your earring hole. You will definitely get attention for your earring creations, and who knows where it can go from there!


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