How To Make Shoe Clips from Vintage Earrings

You don’t need to be an expert to turn boring shoes into fabulous ones. Arm yourself with a glue gun, some clips and vintage earrings, you’ll be able to dress your shoes and add some flair to them. No need to be a Martha Stewart or fashionista to do this!

  • Gather the materials that you will be using. You will need to get together a pair of vintage earrings, a glue gun, glue sticks, needle nose pliers, flat head screw driver, emery board or sand paper, damp rag or cloth, and a shoe clip finding set.
  • Treasure hunting we shall go. Go through your stash of old earrings. Look for some that you’re ready to have a make-over with. If you don’t have any, ask around. You might have some friends who don’t want theirs anymore. Remember the saying, your trash, and somebody’s treasure?  If you really can’t find any, you can search the internet for those selling their vintage earrings. You might even find a great buy that’s gorgeous and a steal!
  • Take apart the earrings. Earrings are usually glued on to the base. Gently try to take it apart. You can get some help from needle nose pliers. If there are still remnants of glue, just scrape it off. You can use a flat head screw driver to help you scrape off all the glue. Get a small piece of sand paper or emery board. You’re going to use this to file the back of the earring. It’ll help the earring stick to the shoe clip. If the earring has a post that is really part of the earring, see if you can cut off the post without totally damaging the jewelry. Wipe the earring clean with a damp rag or cloth.
  • Prepare the glue gun. Check if there’s enough glue stick in the glue gun. If not, replace it with a new one. Plug the glue gun so it will heat up. You may want to place the glue gun on a thick paper or card board just in case the hot glue drips. You wouldn’t want it to ruin your tablecloth or table!  Be careful too as you can get burned. Glue guns and glue sticks can be bought at craft store and stores that sell school supplies.
  • Assemble the shoe clip. When you’re sure that the glue is ready for your use, get the earring. Apply enough glue to the back and press it firmly on the shoe clip finding. Hold it together for a few counts making sure you also don’t burn yourself while doing so. Gently, put it down with the shoe clip on the top. Do this with the other pair. Shoe clip findings can be found on the web or in craft stores. They’re like those earrings that clip on for those who aren’t willing to have their ears pierced.
  • Put aside to dry. Although the glue from glue guns cool down really fast, it may be a good idea to place your assembled vintage clip-ons somewhere where it can totally dry.
  • Snap it on. Once your vintage clip on is dry, get a pair of plain heels and attach on the straps, side or top of the shoe.

These vintage shoe clips are great homemade gifts!  You can make them for your friends who will, for sure, treasure them.


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