How To Make Short Legs Look Longer

Ever look in the mirror and crave those two extra inches to make yourself look just a little taller? At least then you'd be average height. Whether the reason was not enough milk as a kid or plain and simple genetics, we are the way we are. For some of us, the way we are is below the average height of five foot five inches. However! There is a way to turn those stubby stumps into sexy, lean, looking legs that go on for days. It's as simple as making a few minor adjustments to your wardrobe.

First I'm going to tell you what to stop doing! Quit cuffing the ends of your jeans! Tall women are now sporting them left and right. It's a mockery of the day to day struggle of short women. Get jeans that are made for you! Short is an option now! Hem them if you have to anything but cuffing! Cuffing your jeans only accentuates how short your legs are.

The next step is to avoid cargo pants and capris. The thigh pockets of cargo pants make the wearer appear bulky and stalky. Capris have a similar effect. The design of capris are generally meant for knee to just below the knee length, not mid calf.

Your legs are already starting to look longer! Here are a few more tips to make them look even better. The first step to creating an longer, leaner you is think tall! Correcting your posture can do wonders for your appearance.

The famous Coco Chanel once said "Fashion is architecture." And architecture is all about lines. Models have it and so do dancers, after you read this, so will you. The best way to create a line for your vertically challenged lower half is high waisted pants. Avoid low rise cut at any cost! Trouser style pants or jeans create a perfect vertical line as well as skinny or straight leg jeans.

Dresses and skirts above the knee are a must! That doesn't mean you have to wear miniskirts all year round but don't rule them out either. Pleated or pencil skirts work best!

This next point is color. It is said to dress in one color, preferably nude colors. This is a point I disagree with. Color is in, unless you're going for more of a Victoria Beckham look, then neutrals are perfect for you. Matching colors within the same family is widely suggested.

Lastly, tights and shoes. Do your best to keep it neutral! Match your shoes to your pants or tights as best as you can! For shoes, high heels but that part was obvious. If you like you're flats avoid the rounded toes.

Now you know how to get a taller, leaner, you.


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