How To Make Silk Jewelry

Silk jewelry is not only beautiful, but very simple to do on your own. You can create some very unique and individual pieces that fit your personality for a rather inexpensive price. The best part about making silk jewelry is that no special tools are required and can be a fun hobby to create something truly one-of-a-kind for yourself or for loved ones. Here, we will discuss how to make both a silk necklace and a silk bracelet. All you will need is some silk ribbon, glass beads of your choices, and scissors. Make sure the holes in the glass beads will fit through the ribbon before starting. If not, you will have to purchase additional beads to make sure they fit.

To start the silk necklace, you need to decide the length you would like for your necklace. After you find the perfect length, add an addition six inches to it. This creates room for the beaded design you will add to the necklace. Then, cut the ribbon to this length and begin the beading process.

Next, add the first bead to the center of the silk ribbon. Simply tie a knot on each side of the glass bead to hold it in its place. After the initial bead is secure, you will want to add additional bead to the left and right side of the center bead. Remember to tie them off with a knot as well. Finally, place the necklace around your neck and tie a bow to complete your own personalized silk necklace. It really is that easy to have beautiful jewelry. But, if you're going to have a gorgeous necklace, you may as well have an original, matching silk bracelet to go with it.

Beginning the bracelet is similar to starting the necklace. You will need to determine the desired length of your bracelet, but instead of adding six inches to the length, you will only need to add five inches extra. Cut the ribbon to this length and begin adding your glass beads.

Here, add beads to your desired design, making sure not to add too many because you can quickly run out of space when making bracelets. After adding the beads, tie each end with a knot to hold them in their proper place. Now, simply place the bracelet on your wrist and tie a bow.

Once people see your new silk jewelry, your friends and family will all want some of their own. Soon all of your loved ones will be wanting you to make them their very own silk jewelry. Just follow these few simple steps and before you know it, you could be on your way to being a trendsetter and jewelry maker!


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