How To Make Silver Bracelets

Silver bangle with ethnic design

Making your own silver jewelry is a quick and fairly simple task to create your own beautiful homemade jewelry. If you have just a few simple tools and some patience, in no time you will have made your very own stamped silver cuff bracelet. All you need to do is follow some very basic steps and you will be on your way.

First, you must gather all the tools you will need. For this project, you will need a piece of 18 gauge sterling silver sheet metal, a hammer, stamps, a steel block, a file, a mallet, and a mandrel. Before beginning this process, measure the piece of sterling silver and make sure that the piece you purchased is 3/4 inches wide by 7 inches long, ensuring that you have the correct piece for this project. If you are making this bracelet for a smaller person, you should reduce the length of the sheet metal to the appropriate size.

Next, you will want to file all of the sides until they are smooth. This way, you will avoid any unnecessary injuries. Also, this makes the silver bracelet look more refined and delicate. After this, you should position your piece of sterling silver sheet metal on your steel block. Here, you should very carefully stamp your design into the sheet metal. Use your hammer to create the indention of the stamps by applying a considerable amount of pressure.

Now it is time to start creating the shape of your silver bracelet. Form the shape of your bracelet over the bracelet mandrel by using a mallet. You should be careful not to mark the metal while doing this. Continue to shape the bracelet until you are satisfied with the finished product.

After removing the silver bracelet from the mandrel, you should take the edge of your hammer and lightly tap the side of your bracelet. This will create a hardening in the bracelet to prevent it from breakage and wear. After you have finished the first side, flip it over and repeat this step on the opposite side. If the sides have now become too rough and sharp to wear, you should follow this step by filing the edges one last time to regain the delicate look you created by filing the first time. This will create a strong and beautiful cuffed silver bracelet for you to wear anywhere, for any occasion. Now that you have learned the correct process to making silver bracelets, enjoy your new jewelry. Perhaps, you should even make a few for your friends!

Remember, though, making your own jewelry is a rewarding and fun experience that is easy, given that you have the correct supplies. Just remember to always use safety practices when you are doing anything with tools.


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