How To Make Spiral Beaded Necklaces

Spiral Beaded Necklaces are simple projects, suitable for beginners, that will result in elegant and beautiful pieces of jewelry far more sophisticated in appearance than they are difficult to create. Although their construction is basic and straightforward, your individuality can shine through in the colors and varieties of beads you select for your necklaces, and in the length of the strands. You will discover that there is no end to the number of unique designs that you can make.

You will need two beading caps, an assortment of seed beads, two jewelry clasps, beading needles, glue, thread, and a pincushion or folded up piece of scrap fabric. As you select your seed beads, think about how the different colors go together, as this will be the focus of your finished necklace.

First cut one or more pieces of thread 36 inches long. If you only want a simple two-strand spiral, cut only one length pf thread. If you would like to make a multi-strand spiral beaded necklace, cut two or more lengths.

Weave the thread(s) through one of the jewelry clasps, and pull until the thread has 18 inches even on both sides. Repeat with as many threads as you will use, making sure to center each one on the clasp.

Place a dot of glue on each thread where it attaches to the clasp to hold it in place.

Thread a bead cap all the way up to the clasp using all the strands. This will cover them once they are twisted.

Attach your beading needles to the other ends of the thread, and begin to add seed beads to the first strand, using a multicolored assortment of the beads, or more simply, using one type of bead per strand. Continue to thread the beads until the strand is the length you would like. When done, stick the needle into the pincushion or folded fabric to hold it in place and repeat on all the other remaining strands.

If you use multicolored beads on each strand the end result will be reminiscent of tie-dye patterns, and if you thread one color bead per strands, it will be a straightforward spiral pattern.

Once all the strands are fully beaded, take all the ends that have been stuck in the pincushion, remove the needles and thread them through the other beading cap.

Twist and twirl all the loose ends together tightly, taking one thread and wrapping it around the others, then repeat this process until all the strands form a spiral all the way down.

Tie the loose twirled ends through the other jewelry clasp and use a little dab of glue on each knot to secure them.

Snip off any excess thread with scissors and your spiral-beaded necklace is complete!


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