How To Make Tutus

Every ballerina needs a tutu. These fluffy concoctions make every dancer feel like a princess. Making a tutu is easy. Follow these steps and you can create the perfect tutu for your own ballerina.

Tulle fabric
Needle or sewing machine
Tape measure
Straight pins
Pattern paper (large roll of plain paper)
Decorative gems, rhinestones or glitter objects

  1. Take the dancer’s measurements. Measure her waist, hips and length. If the length will fall below mid thigh you should also measure the dancer’s stride in order to make the tutu wide enough to move with those long steps and jumps.
  2. Create the pattern. If you are using a premade pattern from the fabric store, skip to step three. To create your own pattern, lay the pattern paper flat. Draw a trapezoid shape with the top as the waist measurement plus one inch and the bottom as the hip or stride measurement plus one inch. The top and bottom will be separated by the length measurement you took earlier. Once you have the pattern, cut it out.
  3. Prepare the fabric. Most tutus will have two layers of tulle fabric. However if you want an extra thick tutu you can add a third or fourth layer. Just be sure to buy the extra fabric. Lay the tulle flat then fold in half (for two layers).
  4. Place the pattern you made onto the fabric. There should be fabric on all sides of the pattern that you will need to cut off.
  5. Cut around the pattern. Make sure you leave an extra half inch around the pattern for sewing the tutu together.
  6. Lay the elastic over the top of the tulle. Secure with pins to hold the elastic in place. Then fold the elastic and tulle over once so there is now a layer of tulle covering the elastic. Pin again to secure.
  7. Sew the tulle around the elastic. You have now created the waistband. Test the length by wrapping the band around the dancer’s waist before you begin the next step.
  8. Sew the sides together. Fold over any extra length from step seven. Then sew the side hem. Once that is complete, sew a bottom hem if you want. You do not have to have a hem on the bottom since tulle does not fray but it is up to you.
  9. Accessorize the tulle skirt. Use the gems, sequins or glitter objects to make the tutu sparkle.

Every ballerina needs her tutu. With these simple steps you have created one your dancer will love.


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