How To Make Venetian Style Masks

Whether for Halloween or for a costume party, Venetian masks are one of the most elegant and classy costume pieces that you can use. The Venetian style masks not only add glamour to your outfit, but also provide an air of mystery. If you need a Venetian style mask, there is no need for you to visit Venice. Here’s how you can create your own mask from scratch.

Cut. First, take a piece of cardboard stock and trace the mask shape that you want. When it comes to Venetian masks, you can choose half sized masks that will cover only the area near the eyes. You can also create full face masks, however, that will cover the entire face. When you have created the outline, take a scissor and cut out the shape. You can use a cutter to cut out the holes for the eyes, the mouth, and the nostrils.

Bending the mask. To create the background layer, you will need to take the cutout paper and attach string on the two ends using tape. The string should be short enough to bend the mask inwards, so that you will have a mask that naturally conforms to the contours of the face. Afterwards, you will need to apply PVC or white glue to the surface of the mask. Add a layer of scrap paper on top of the glue, and allow to dry for a few minutes. Apply another coat of white glue and paper, and allow to dry. When the mask thoroughly dries, the curved shape should be retained even when the string is removed.

Background layer. To create the background layer for the mask, you will need to apply a sheet of fabric or fancy paper. The fabric should hug the surface of the mask completely. Use dabs of glue to keep the fabric in place. Be sure to flatten out any bumps in the mask, or bubble pockets that may form if you are using paper. Apart from paper and fabrics, you can also add a layer of glue and sprinkle e the entire mask with colored glitter. Or, you can paint the surface of them ask with your desired color.

Decorations. When it comes to decorating the mask, you can use any and every ingredient that is available in your home. Be resourceful – use buttons that are lying around the house, and other trinkets that can be glued to the mask. You can also use rhinestones and beads to line the outer edges of the mask. Remember, there are no clear cut rules when it comes to decorating your masks. Whatever suits your tastes is the only rule that you have to follow.

Finally, finish off the mask by taking a piece of chopstick. Use a hot glue to securely attach the chopstick to the side of the mask, transforming it into a handle. You can use strips of fabric or paper to cover the handle. Through these easy steps, making your own Venetian mask can be done at home.


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