How To Make White Face Paint

Female mime wearing thick make up

White face paint is good for the background of a clown, a vampire, ghost, and other fun Halloween costumes. White face paint has to be made from a grease so that you have a good color. This homemade recipe is safe and will make a great background for your costume of choice.

Step 1

Gather ingredients. You will need 2 Tablespoons of solid white shortening, 5 teaspoons of cornstarch, 1 teaspoon of white flour, 3-5 drops of glycerin (available at most pharmacies).

Step 2

Mix your flour and cornstarch. Carefully and thoroughly mix together you flour and cornstarch.

Step 3

Add your shortening. Add your shortening and work at mixing it all together. It will be a bit thick. A fork or wooden spoon can help you mix it together.

Step 4

Add your glycerin. You will want to add three drops of glycerin and mix to get a creamy makeup. If this isn't enough, add two more and stir up for a creamy white makeup.

Step 5

Adding color. You can use this makeup to add color to if you wish. Simply add a few drops of food coloring or your favorite juice (an all natural option) to make your favorite color and use as you would other face paints.

Step 6

To apply. Use a sponge to apply to large areas and a paint brush to apply to small areas. Smear it on carefully avoiding the mouth and the eyes.

Step 7

To wash off. This is a hard mix to get off because it is grease-based. Use a paper towel to remove as much as you can. Then use dawn to gently rub into the mix. Wipe with a wet paper towel and carefully work it off one layer at a time. Once all visible signs of make up are gone you can use face cleanser as your normally would.

Makeup remover can also be used for a faster way to remove the makeup. 

Step 8

Warnings. This makeup should not be applied to the eyes. You can carefully use it on the eyelids, but be careful to keep it out of the eyes. Don't eat it. If you add food coloring or juice for color the paint will then be able to stain objects it comes in contact with.

This is the perfect homemade background for clowns, mimes, ghosts, vampires, and other white-faced costumes. Have fun with it and enjoy your Halloween.


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