How To Make Wooden Body Jewelry

Jewelry is usually made from precious stones, metals, and sometimes glass and ceramics. One of the often overlooked materials that can be used to create body jewelry is wood. Wood is a great material that you can use to create body jewelry, since it has a unique color and texture that glass, metals, and precious stones do not have. Wood is also inexpensive compared to other items used in jewelry production.

  1. Type of jewelry. Begin by thinking about the type of jewelry that you will transform into wooden body jewelry. There are plenty of options for you – you can create anything from bracelets, necklaces, or plug earrings. The key is to experiment. Keep in mind that the more jewelry pieces you create and experiment with, the better you will be in creating these jewelry pieces. You can even eventually sell these for profit or give these to your friends as special gifts.
  2. Getting the pieces. To get the wood pieces, contact your local arts and crafts supply shops. Usually, these shops will have an assortment of wooden blocks and wood pieces that come in various shapes and sizes. The type of wood piece that you will get will depend largely on the type of jewelry that you are aiming on making. If you want to create earrings, for example, you will need long crescent shaped wood pieces. If you will create pendants, you need larger chunks. If you will make bracelets, you will need bead shaped wood pieces in small sizes and large quantities. Also keep the type of wood in mind. For ear plugs, for instance, the wood should be splinter proofed and very soft.
  3. Sculpting the wood. Next, you will need to take a wood carver and use it to create the designs for the body jewelry. This can be as simply as sculpting your name or your initials on the pendant wood chunk and then attaching a pin with a circular hoop at the end for the chain. For beads, you can create paint in the chunks and add in hoop screws to allow you to attach the pieces together. Finally, for earrings you will need to take the smaller end and pare it off until the wood stub is small enough to fit into your ears.
  4. Sanding. The next step is sanding the wooden jewelry using sandpaper with a high grit count which will make for a very smooth surface. The smooth surface is necessary especially since the jewelry will be in contact with your body. The last thing that you want is to get splinters from your earrings or your bracelets.
  5. Varnishing. To finish off the wood jewelry, you will need to apply a stain on the wood. Darker stains often look good on wooden pieces, since these make the wooden jewelry stand out even more. After applying the stain, you will need to apply a layer of lacquer or varnish which should be nontoxic since it will come into contact with your skin.

Making your own customized and handmade jewelry from wood pieces is possible, with a little patience and practice and by following these steps.


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