How To Make a Woven String Bracelet: Bracelet Instructions

Get Tips for Making Bracelets out of String

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Accessories to complement your outfits do not have to be expensive or branded. In fact, you can create your own accessories using strings. One of these is the woven string bracelet, which is made completely from embroidery floss. Learning the weaving process may seem daunting at first, but once you have mastered the technique, you can create woven string bracelets while watching TV or listening to the radio. Follow these bracelet instructions to create your own woven bracelets. Here’s how to make a string bracelet.

  1. Prepare the string. Take seven pieces of multi-colored floss strings or embroidery floss and measure these at around sixteen inches. Take the tip of the strings and then create a knot. The knot can be made with around six loops, to make it large enough to be the end button that will be used to attach the bracelet to the other looping end.
  2. Pin to pillow. Take a pillow or a rolled up towel and then attach the knotted end of the bracelet on the surface of the pillow, using a pin. This will allow you to work on the bracelets with both hands. Make sure that the strings are arranged with different colors side by side, so that you will not mistake one string for another.
  3. Start. It's time to begin making bracelets. Start the weaving process by taking the first floss string near your left hand and then placing it on top of the next thread. Use your left hand to take the first strand and return it to the normal position, creating the first twist in the bracelet. Take the second strand and then place it over the third strand. Again, you will take the second strand and return it to normal position while retaining the upper position of the third strand, so that another twist in the bracelet will be made. Repeat this procedure until you have reached the other end of the seven string series.
  4. Making another layer. To create the other layer of the weave, you will need to repeat the process of placing one strand over the other and returning that strand to the original position. But instead of beginning with strand number one, you will start with strand number two, which will give the entire bracelet a strand’s worth of rotation. Repeat this process for every subsequent layer of twists, so that the third layer will start off with strand number three. Eventually, you should notice that the entire bracelet will curl.
  5. Closing the bracelet. Repeat the pattern above until you have enough bracelet length to cover your wrists. This is usually a length of around seven to ten inches, depending on whether a man or woman will wear the bracelet, and depending on the actual size of the person’s wrist. It is best to check the size first, to be sure. To close off the bracelet, take the remaining strands and create a knot that will have a small hoop where the first complete knot nub at the other end will be fitted. Trim off the excess strands, and the bracelet is ready for wearing.

Now you know how to make bracelets out of woven string. Experiment with colors and add beads to your bracelet designs. As you make more and more bracelets, the process will become easier. You can even make a bracelet in solid colors, to go with specific outfits. You can teach kids how to make bracelets with these tips as well.


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