How To Make Your Bust Look Fuller without Surgery

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A lot of women want full-looking breasts. In recent times, surgery has become an option for breast enhancement. However, if you advocate what is au natural, here are some less invasive measures that would make your breasts seem firmer and well-packed:

1.      Rely on your confidence.

Remember, good posture matters a lot. By standing straight and keeping your shoulders back, you just don't show your winning personality, self-esteem, and personal pride. You also inevitably reveal your "assets".

2.      Wear push up bras and silicone inserts.

If your confidence fails you, seek help from stores and online suppliers. Order and get your push up bras and breast enhancers from them.  Push up bras are more expensive than silicone inserts. But they are more comfortable and convenient to wear. For example, one good push up bra brand has "a deep plunge" feature that keeps your breasts in luscious shape. You should also prefer push up bras with under wire. They give a better lift and shape to your busts. For a great listing of best selling push up bras, visit

3.      Apply firming creams.

Do they really work? Yes. Experts claim that they have a particular type of collagen that gives the plump and smooth effect to your breasts. Formulations are still being improved to guarantee more effective results. Avon offers a good number of firming creams. Check out their site for more details.

4.      Dress to impress.

Choose your wardrobe well. Loose garments should be a no-no. Go for the styles that would emphasize your chest area. Possible ideas? Try clothes with a sweetheart, V, or square-cut necklines. Buy ruffled outfits too. They definitely put emphasis on your bust area.

5.      Develop an exercise regimen.

Experts say that breasts are composed of fatty tissues. No exercise could make your fatty tissue grow. So, there is no way you could "add volume" to your breasts simply because you exercise vigorously. But here is the thing. Your pectoral muscles, when properly developed, would push your breasts outward. Presto!  Your breasts would appear larger.

There are simple daily routines that could boost your breast size, namely: push up, back extension, bench press, breasts press, arm swing, and pressure application. For further details, check out

In France, women are known to do a trick. The secret to their fuller breasts is a simple procedure. When they get up in the morning, they just put a towel over their chests. The towel is thin and has been soaked in ice cold water. Weird? Surprisingly, there is a scientific explanation to it. Cold water contracts muscle and boosts skin nerves. Hence, their nicer-looking breasts!    

6.      Put on makeup.

Hollywood proudly uses this approach. Bust lines are perfected by cosmetic magic. All thanks to a bronzer and a face powder.

In conclusion, realize that your beauty, or perhaps, even your femininity, does not entirely depend on your breast-size. Sometimes, gaining or keeping your self-esteem is just a case of mind-over-matter. Bear in mind that bigger self-respect, not bigger breasts, brings you happiness and contentment in life.


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