How To Make Your Own Halloween Scarecrow Costume

Halloween is always a fun time for children, and one of the best ways to get them involved is by letting them wear scary costumes. Choices are aplenty – vampires, witches, scarecrows, and the ghoulish list goes on.

Perhaps one of the easiest scary costumes to make is the scarecrow costume. Unlike other scary costumes which are very structured and elaborate, scarecrow costumes are more open to adjustments – in fact, the messier the costume, the more effective it is! That being said, a scarecrow costume is an easy enough crafts project to be undertaken by kids as young as five years old. If you are looking to find tips on how to make a scarecrow costume that’s scary enough not just to be a bird deterrent but to gain admiration from your kid’s peers as well, then read on:

  1. Prepare the basic outfit and the materials. Put together the basic scarecrow outfit: overalls, plaid long sleeves, and straw hat. To make the ensemble more authentic-looking, cut out squares of colorful fabrics and then sew them on strategic places on the outfit, such as on the knee area of the overall. You could also use fabric glue for this purpose. Your child would also need colorful striped socks, work boots, fake flowers and face paint. Other materials that you would need (apart from this basic ensemble) include craft foams (in beige and yellow) to make the straw; another option for you would be to use raffia on a string, which resembles hay.
  2. Make the hay. This is an easy way of making the fake hay: first, cut four-inch rectangular strips of the craft foam - two should be big enough to fit around your child’s wrists, two to fit around your child’s ankles, and one to fit around your child’s neck. Second, fringe one edge of the strip by cutting across it with uneven lines; make sure that you leave about 1.5 inch free at the bottom. The end effect would have it looking like straw bundled together at the bottom. Make individual tufts of hay by cutting medium-sized strips of yellow craft foam (the effect would be bright, cartoonish individual pieces of hay).
  3. Let your child wear the outfit. Most of the costume will be about how your child will wear it. First, let him wear the basic outfit: the plaid shirt, overalls, striped socks and boots. Next, wrap the fake hay that you made around your child’s neck, wrists and ankles, using fabric glue or by sewing the ends together. Next, put some of the individual pieces of yellow hay on strategic areas of your kid’s costume, such as the pockets and near the neck. Put on the face paint. It’s up to you and your child if you want to make him a jolly scarecrow, a sad scarecrow, or a truly scary scarecrow. Finally, let him wear the straw hat to complete the ensemble. Speaking of the straw hat, you have the option to place some flowers on this hat or to make it colorful with some water-based paint.
  4. Practice caution. To ensure that the costume doesn’t fall apart easily, make sure that your child stays away from sprinklers (especially motion-activated sprinklers). Keep away from lawns and gardens.

That’s it! To make your child’s Halloween experience truly last a lifetime, make sure that you capture it on video – preferably both the costume-making process and the trick-or-treat activity. Definitely you would enjoy watching it more than the 80’s program, “Scarecrow and Mrs. King”! Have fun, and here’s to a great Halloween!


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