How To Make Your Own Hobo Purse

A hobo purse can be a good fashion accessory for anyone trying to go for a bohemian or even hippie feel to one’s getup. It is the perfect do it yourself project since the whole design and aesthetic of the accessory lies in how haphazard and random it looks. It was inspired that something that a poor or homeless person would usually have as he tries to hustle through mean streets so it’s quite not shocking that it would turn out this way.

A hobo purse is one of the simplest designs of bags and purses. Despite its relative simplicity, hobo bags and purses by known designers and brands can fetch a hefty price tag. If you can make your own hobo purse you would certainly end up spending less for the bag and would have more to put in the actual purse!

Here’s how you make your own hobo purse:

  1. Buy a fabric that you would want to use for your hobo bag. The expense would pretty much come from here. You can go as extravagantly as you want by buying really fine fabric or you can go with the budget route and take a cheaper type of cloth to make your bag with. The rule of thumb when to comes to bag fabric is to choose one that is going to be sturdy enough to serve the purpose of a bag. As you would expect, the best fabrics would be the ones that are tough enough to take on the weight and the stretch that a conventional bag would be required to hold. The color of the bag as well as its overall aesthetic appeal would also come primarily from the type of fabric that you choose for this project.
  2. Cut the fabric according to the size of the hobo purse that you want. You may use your full discretion when it comes to the size. It’s totally up to you. Remember that you should be cutting two identical square shapes with two slender sections on either side. The slender sections would serve as the handle. You are better off leaving them long so that you can adjust them later. It would be harder to adjust a short handle should you want a strap with more slack.
  3. Put the two cut pieces of fabric on top of each other so that the print is in the middle (the back sides of the fabric are the ones touching the surface of the table and the one that is visible to you). Do a very fine back stitch on the two pieces of fabric by hand or use a sewing machine. Be aware of the need to reinforce the purse should you want to carry heavy objects in them like books.
  4. Simply tie the four extensions of the pieces fabric after inverting the whole purse. You can tie the bag however you want. Some people may prefer to have it on their shoulder while some would like to carry it on their elbows.

That’s how easy you can make your own hobo purse! Now you can totally walk down the streets and rock out this hot number.


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