How To Make Your Own Spring Formal Dress

One of the best things about spring is that it provides you with the opportunity to don your favorite spring formal dress. Spring dresses are great, because of their lightweight fabrics, pretty designs, and comfort. Although you can purchase spring formal dresses from many shopping malls and clothing boutiques, you can also choose to create your own spring formal dress from scratch. When you make your own spring dress, you get to choose exactly how your dress will look like, and exactly how it will fit. Here’s how.

  • Find the pattern. Start by browsing through dress catalogs and pattern websites. You cannot simply make the spring dress from imagination, even if the lines and cuts in a spring dress are relatively simply. You still need to find a dress pattern that you can follow. There are a number of sewing magazines that provide free patterns, although you can also browse the web for free patterns. Make sure that you start with simpler patterns at first, especially if you have never tried sewing before.
  • Get the materials. After you have your pattern, it is time to visit the local fabric shop and look for the materials that you will use for your spring formal dress. Make sure that you choose season-appropriate materials, such as cotton and silk. These light materials are perfect for the weather during spring. Avoid heavier fabrics such as denim and wool. Also purchase other accessories, such as zippers, buttons, buckles, and whatever other items are required for the dress that you are sewing. Also purchase a quantity of muslin that you can transform into a mock up of the dress.
  • Make a mock up. Now that you have your materials, it is time for you to make a mock up. A mock up is basically a recreation of the dress, using cheap materials such as muslin. Making a mock up may seem like a waste of time, but it is better to make errors while working with muslin, instead of making errors on expensive fabrics. Working with a mock up also shows you just how the dress will look like. How the dress looks in print as a pattern can be radically different from how it looks like when sewn together. As you make the mock up, you can also make modifications to the pattern so that you can totally personalize the spring dress.
  • Sew together. Now that you have the mock up and you know exactly what to do, it is time to work on the spring dress itself. Make sure that you measure the fabrics very carefully, and that you pay attention to the stitching. After stitching the dress together, use an iron to flatten out the seams. Also go over all of the parts of the dress, to make sure that you have not left some button missing or some segment of the dress with a seam lying open.

After ironing the dress, you can try it on for size. With these steps, you should be able to sew your very own spring formal dress.


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