How To Make Your Own Spy Gear

Few characters are as glamorous as spies. Starting from James Bond, spies have been portrayed as skillful, mysterious and with just the right amount of cunning. If you want to play spy games with your friends, one of the most important things that you need is spy gear. Here are some steps to help you make a device that you can use for listening to people over long distances.

  • Cut. First of all, you need to take a normal earphone. You do not need to take a brand new earphone, but make sure that it is still working. Take a cutter and use it to peel away carefully at the protective layer of tape that covers the entire earphone. Once the plastic or rubber tubing has been removed, you will see three wire tubes in the center. These are usually color coded as white, black, and red.  Remove the bottom parts of the wires, so that an inch of raw wire is exposed from each of the three wires.
  • Solder. Afterward, you will need to take a photo cell and connect it to the wires. The white and the red wire tips should be connected on one end of the cell, while the black wire should be connected on the opposite end of the cell. Make sure that you use care when soldering the wire. Soldering devices make use of high heat to melt the metals and allow them to reattach. Never let kids do this part of the activity.
  • Plug. After you have soldered the wires onto the photo cells, the next step is for you to connect the earphones to a voice recording machine. You can use just about anything that will process sound. The easiest tool that you can use is your computer. Most computers these days have ports that will allow you to connect the earphones to the mic port of the computer. You can also use a walkie talkie with a recorder, or a simple tape recorder. The important thing is that you connect your device to something that will store and record the information that you gather as you spy.
  • Tape. Next, you will need to attach a laser pointer to a tripod. The photocell that you have attached to the computer and to the earphone wires should also be connected to the tripod. Simply use tape to ensure that the photo cell and the pointer are all connected together.
  • Aim. By now, you already have the finished product. In order to use the device, you will need to open the laser pointer and point it in the direction of the sound source. If you want to listen to people talking behind the door a couple of meters away, for instance, you will need to point the laser in front of the photo cell so that the photo cell reflects the laser to the door. If you press the record button as you do this, you should be able to hear the sounds.

With these steps, you should be able to create your own spy gear that will help you listen in on secret conversations.


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