How To Make Your Pantyhose and Tights Last Longer

Pantyhose and tights are great for women who wear skirts and who want to improve the texture and skin tone of their legs. Because pantyhose and tights are meant to complement the skin and your legs, these are usually made from very fine fabrics that will tear easily. To minimize runs and tears and other hosiery disasters, here’s how you can make your pantyhose and tights last longer.

  1. Trim your nails. Start by making sure that your toenails are properly trimmed. Cut the toenails at least once a week and be sure to file the edges of the nails. There are hundreds of accidents and tears in hosiery that is caused by snags in the fabric and the nails. Your fingernails should also be trimmed and filed to keep you from ripping the pantyhose as you put these on. Be sure that you are extra careful as well when putting on your pantyhose.
  2. Control top variety. There are several types of pantyhose available in the market, but one of the strongest are the control top variety. These are made from materials of a higher quality and are generally stronger and more durable than the usual pantyhose. Make sure that you invest in better pantyhose that will last for a longer time, even if it costs you a few extra dollars. The difference can mean a pantyhose that will last or one that will get a snag or tear in just a few days or weeks.
  3. Dab fingernail polish. In case you find a small run in your pantyhose, one quick remedy that you can do is to apply a dab of uncolored fingernail polish. The fingernail polish will act as a bond that will prevent the fibers from further running and creating a major tear. This is especially useful if the tears in your pantyhose are small and in parts of the pantyhose which are not very visible or prominent.
  4. Washing your hosiery. Plenty of pantyhose and tights are destroyed in the washing machine. The best way to care for this delicate piece of clothing is to hand wash them yourself using very mild soaps and detergents, and lukewarm water. The pantyhose will usually get snags and tears when thrown in with rte rest of the laundry. If you do not have the time to wash the pantyhose and the tights individually, purchase a lingerie bag which will allow the hosiery to be cleaned in the washing machine, while protecting the hosiery from rough clothing such as denims and pants or buttons and zippers that can all destroy the hosiery.
  5. Bring extra pairs. Also, be sure to bring additional hosiery with you wherever you go. These are very small and will fit in your purse or in the glove compartment in your car. These extra pairs will allow you to quickly change hosiery when you encounter a snag.

Get the most out of your pantyhose and tights by caring for them properly. Through these easy steps, you can extend the life span of your hosiery, giving you your money’s worth for each pair of hosiery you buy.


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