How To Manage Frayed Jeans Cuffs

You probably have that one pair of jeans that has lasted you for years immemorial. It’s a favorite piece of clothing, and it has probably been worn out and torn in a lot of different places. You still want to wear them, though, since jeans do get more comfortable the more you wear them.

There’s still a way of enjoying your favorite clothing without having to be the talk of everyone you pass by on the streets because of tears and frays. You just need to follow these tips in managing these frayed jeans cuffs.

You may choose to leave the cuffs to fray and wear out by themselves. As long as the frayed cuffs aren’t that noticeable, it really wouldn’t affect your whole attire. If you want to have that rugged rocker look, then that’s the way to go about it. You’d be looking cool and at the same time comfortable as ever.

Cut out all the rest. If you’d rather not have uneven cuffs, you can cut half an inch off the bottom of your jeans. There would always be long and uneven pieces of thread hanging off the end of the legs of your jeans, though. To prevent the cuff from wearing out completely, though, you would need to trim the pant legs every once in a while, so the loose threads don’t get caught in your shoes.

Bring your jeans to your local tailor. You may also choose to bring your jeans to a tailor who can work on them. The tailor may be able to fix your frayed cuffs in a jiffy by cutting off the work out part, and making new cuffs. This would usually be really cheap. Having your jeans worked on by a tailor would only cost you a fraction of new jeans. If you know someone who has a sewing machine at home, you can ask her to help you re-cuff your jeans.

Don’t use the jeans too often. Wearing the jeans as often as possible would cause more wear and tear on your favorite pair. To make sure that your jeans will serve you for a longer time, you would need to let it rest once in a while. If your favorite jeans have sentimental value, then why not wear them only for special occasions, like dates or outings with your significant other?

Make cut-offs. If you don’t mind modifying your jeans radically, why not cut off the legs and turn them into cut-off shorts? This is appropriate spring and summer attire, and is often in fashion when the weather gets hot. You can have the shorts cuffed by a tailor, or just let it be. Cut-offs with a few threads hanging off can still be stylish in a bohemian kind of way.

Your last resort would be to replace the jeans. If the frayed cuffs are really turning out to be more of a problem than a fashion statement, then wash them for the last time and wrap them in a clean plastic bag. Then keep the pair of jeans in your box of the things you just can’t let go of. Go out and buy yourself several new pairs and make new and more memories with them. It won’t be very comfortable at first, but with wear, your new jeans will feel like the old ones.


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