How To Measure Dress Size

Taking the time to accurately know your body measurements will save you the trouble of finding out that the new dress you have just bought online does not fit you. Get a tape measure, stand in front of a mirror, and ask someone to help you out with measuring your body sizes. It’s always a good idea to keep note of your measurements so you know which dress size to get that is just right for you. This way, you won’t have to be disappointed and send back that dress just because it did not fit you. 

What you need:

  • Tape measure
  • Full-length mirror
  • A friend to help you out (optional)

Follow the instructions below to measure the specific body part/s for your dress size:


In case the dress has sleeves, measure your sleeve length by placing one end of the tape measure at the back of your neck and draw it down your arm until the tape reaches your wrist. Make sure that your arm is relaxed by your side while measuring.


Wear a fitting bra that you are comfortable with, particularly one that you usually wear everyday and can go well with the dress, before measuring your bust size. It is preferable that you have a friend help you when doing this measurement. Measure the fullest part of the bust over the bra by drawing the tape measure around your back and across your nipples. Be sure to keep your arms comfortably to your sides. You can also determine your bra size, in case you need to, by drawing the tape measure under your bust and adding five inches to that measurement.


Simply wrap the tape measure around the thinnest and narrowest part of your waist, which is just above the hip bones, or about one to two inches above your belly button. Measure on the skin and not over clothing. Make sure that the tape measure is not wrapped too tight, and that it is comfortable around you, so you can breathe easily when you wear the dress. Put a finger under the tape measure while it is wrapped around your waist so that the measurement will include enough allowance for comfort.


Measure the fullest part of your hips, which is around seven to nine inches below your waistline depending on your height. This is where your hipbones protrude. Keep your feet close together while measuring. And just like with measuring your waistline, be sure to measure on bare skin and not over clothing. Also, make sure that the tape measure is not too tight, and is comfortable while it is wrapped around your hips so that the dress will not be too tight in this area.

After determining your body measurements, compare them with the online or catalog sizing charts of the store you are going to buy your dress from. Not all dress brands and manufacturers have the same fit, so it’s best that you consult with the store before purchasing your dress. 


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