How To Measure Feet Using a Brannock Device

The Brannock device is an instrument used for measuring the feet. Specialty shoe stores use this device in determining the proper size of the feet. The device gives three measurements: the overall heel to toe length, the arch length from the ball of your foot, and the width of your foot. Having your feet measured first on a Brannock device saves you from throwing away money on the wrong shoe size because you have already determined the proper size that will give you the greatest comfort.

Here are instructions on how to use this device.

  • Place the device on even ground. Set the width bar to its farthest measurement. Slide back the arc length indicator to easily place the foot on the Brannock device.
  • Place your heel. In the device, there are indications as to where you place your right or left heel on the heel cup. Remove first your footwear and do the measurement while standing with equal weights on both your feet. This is to elongate the measured foot and to spread to its maximum size.
  • Measure heel to toe. Once your heel is firmly placed on the back heel cup, you can now measure your heel to toe length by flatly pressing the toes against the Brannock device. Look down over your longest toe.
  • Measure arch length. You can find your measurement of the arch length from the heel to the ball. To do this, slide the arch pointer in a forward direction so that it fits the foot’s ball joint. The measurement will indicate the shoe size choice to fit the measured arch.
  • Compare measurements. You may now compare the measurements of your arch length and the heel-to-toe length. You'll usually use the larger measurement as the right size for your shoes. If the sizes of your arch and heel-to-toe lengths are equivalent or similar, then this is your shoe size. But, if the size of your heel-to-toe length is longer than the arch length, then use the measurement for the heel-to-toe size. If your arch length is larger than your heel-to-toe, then use the size of the arch length.
  • Measure foot width. You can determine the width of your foot by positioning the device’s width bar closely to your foot’s edge. Your previous shoe size can help you in finding the width of your foot. Locate the shoe size on the width bar and look at the corresponding measurement reflected by the shoe size. If your shoe size falls between these widths, choose a wider size if you have a thicker foot. If you have a thin foot, choose a narrower size.
  • Measure the other foot. In measuring the other foot’s shoe size, just repeat all the above steps. It is normal to have feet of different sizes. Just make sure to choose the size that will fit your larger foot.
  • Clean the device. It is important to clean the Brannock device with a soft damp cloth. If necessary, you may use liquid detergent. The use of spray cleaners and disinfectants may adversely affect the sensitive parts of the device.

Use the Brannock device only as a guide as far as selecting the proper shoe size. Just because you measure out a specific size does not mean that you will have the same size from every shoe manufacturer out there in the market. The Brannock device is important in order to maintain and have a proper shoe fit.


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