How To Measure Hips

It might look easy enough to accomplish, but measuring your hips is almost like scheduling for an appointment when you’re really in the maelstrom of a busy week. Granted, you have to find the best time of the day to do so and it cannot be rushed, especially if you’re in the habit of ordering your clothes from an online shop. If you’re a woman then you can relate to the experience and the exhilaration of picking out new clothes only to have your happiness dashed because the clothes don’t even come close to skimming the hips, and it’s all about the sway of the hips and if the clothes don’t fit, the hips won’t sway and sashay perfectly.

Skirt that issue once and for all and follow these steps on properly measuring your hips.

  1. Start to measure from down there. That is, about 9 inches from your ribcage which is your natural waistline and then separately take a measurement of the fullest part of your hip and derriere areas which is located 3 inches below your natural waistline. You also have to make a judgment call about your hips and your derriere. Depending on your physique, you might be wider in your derriere as compared with your hips and vice versa. The best step is to decide if you want to highlight your hips or your derriere then take your measurements. Do not forget to specify which measurement pertains to which body part.
  2. Take your hip measurement late in the evening. This the best time when you are sure to nail your ideal hip size. Late in the evening, you are mostly done with eating, drinking, working, and gym work. By this time, your body has already expanded to its full size depending on the lifestyle that you lead so go and take your loose tape measure and measure away.
  3. Keep your feet together. Spreading your feet apart will only tend to make your hips wider resulting to wrong hip measurement. You can go barefoot or be in stilettos as long as you manage to keep your feet in this position.
  4. Undress to the bare necessities. Pare down to your underwear and stand in front of a full length and well-lit mirror. Take a tape measure and start taking your measurement around the frame surrounding the pelvic area or what you feel is your natural waistline. If you happen to be wearing Spanx or underwear that is made of some percentage of Lycra while measuring your hips, make a note of that while jotting down your measurement. Hold the tape measure firmly with your hand or take a clip to hold it firmly in place while you turn around to see if it’s properly hoisted where it should be. Make sure that the tape measure is not digging into your skin. Write down your measurement.
  5. Fully dressed on top.  On the other hand, you might want to see how your skirt or jeans will look when combined with a T-Shirt or blouse. Perfectly understandable of course. Wear your brassiere, cover with your top, and cinch your natural waistline with the loose tape measure using it like a belt. Take your measurement as is and write it down carefully noting the t-Shirt or blouse that you are wearing while taking your measurement. This is important because not everything in your closet is cut or tailored the same way which can be problematic when your new jeans or skirt is delivered.

If you are still not confident that you were able to able to do a good job measuring your hips, drop by the ladies clothing section of a department store and ask the help of a fashion consultant so you can come up with an accurate measurement. You can also enlist the help of your best girl friend which will make the activity all the more honest.


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