How To Measure Men's Suit Size

Men look gorgeously dapper in a suit. Truly, a man becomes a man when he can carry a suit. In fact, this so much defines a man and his taste that during red carpet shows, distinguished men in suits do not escape the quintessential question, “What are you wearing tonight?” The answer men often give is, “Armani.”

You might not be ready to pay the price for an Armani suit but you can certainly go to a quality tailor and have your man’s suit made there a la Armani. Go right ahead and prepare your man for his suit size by taking his suit measurement.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Get your materials ready. A loose tape measure, a pen, and paper.
2. Begin measuring.  Take your loose measuring tape and hold it neither too loose nor too tight when taking his measurements and by all means, take these in inches.

3. Take his measurements from the neck down.

  • Neck. Make a circumference around the base of his neck leaving just enough space for him to breathe.
  • Shoulders. With his back turned from you, hold the tape and stretch it from end to end of his shoulder feeling for the shoulder bone as your guide.
  • Chest. Ask him to lift his arms parallel to his shoulders, take your tape, stand in front of him and wound the tape under his arms until it ends at the most muscled part of the chest.
  • Armhole. First you have to measure the length of the armhole by placing the tape on the edge of his shoulder. Second, take the tape and wound it around the armpit and let it hang loosely as your ample space.
  • Arms. Measure the largest part of his arm.
  • Wrists. Leave room for his cufflinks by making allowances around the wrist area. Do not measure the wrists in such a way that the suit tapers sharply on this area. Make him clench his fist to give you an idea about where his blazer and dress shirt should end.
  • Waist. Let him stand straight with his feet close together. Feel for his natural waistline which should be located close to his navel.   
  • Hips.  Work your way down about 8 inches from his natural waistline and take his measurement on the fullest section of his hips. 

4. Take his measurements for the pattern.

  • Shirt length. Again, make him stand with his back to you and take the tape and place it starting at his shoulders and running the entire length of his back until reaching his hips. You can choose to lengthen it further if he so desires.
  • Sleeve length. Stand to his side and place the tape from his shoulder until it covers about a quarter of his hand.
  • Pant leg length. Make him stand straight with his feet close together. Kneel by the side of his waist and measure from this angle down to his feet. Be careful though about taking it too long that the tape brushes the floor or else his pants might be made too long for comfort.
  • Crotch. The easiest way to take an accurate measurement is for him to take a seat. Once he is properly seated, take your tape and place it on the side of the chair where his waist is and stretch the tape until it reaches the edge of seat.
  • Inseam. Make him stand with his feet apart. Take the tape and place it exactly on the crotch area until it reaches the anklebone on the inside portion of his leg. You can also reverse the procedure and begin to measure from his ankle up if this will make it easier for you.
  • Thigh. Wound the tape around the widest section of his thigh.

Next stop would be his favorite tailor for a customized suit.


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