How To Measure Women's Chest Size

Ladies, when you are asked about your chest size, do you turn pink with embarrassment or flush bright red with joy? Let’s get one thing straight. Many women believe that encountering a question about chest size automatically translates to breast size that equals bra and cup size. This is a mistake. Your chest measurement is different from breast, bra, or cup size, rather it’s a measurement that will help you figure out your correct breast size, which you will use to find the perfect bra and cup size for your, ahem, twins.

Does that bit of information cheer you up? It should, because now you won’t have to squeeze yourself into ill-fitting bras and Racer backs for that matter. A word of caution however, because if you are pursuing an accurate measurement of your chest size to arrive at your bra and cup size, do not do this during your monthly period. At this time, your breasts are tender and swollen so if you immediately buy a new bra following your chest measurement, you might end up buying something that doesn’t fit at all. Allow you breasts to return to normal size days after you have completely stopped menstruating

Here’s how to measure your chest size.

1.    Stand really straight. Observe how beauty contestants stand during pageants. Ramrod straight, chest out, hands placed on waist, looking relaxed. Mimic this posture minus hands placed on your waist because you will need to hold your measuring tape. Take it and wound it around your body and stop below your breasts by the ribcage.

2.    Add five inches. Take your original measurement and then add five inches to it to arrive at your final measurement for your bra size. Believe it, this additional five inches is reliable. You will get your bra size down to a perfect fit.

3.    Arrive at your cup size. Now that you have your bra size, it’s time to arrive at your correct cup size. As you know, cup sizes are determined by letters e.g. size A up to size Double Ds. To know your cup size, go braless and measure your bust at its fullest preferably the tips of your nipples. After you get the measurement, subtract this number from the size of your chest a.k.a. bra size. Let’s say your bra size was a 32” and your cup size came out as 34”, this would turn out a difference of 2” so using the universally-accepted chart of cup sizes, you would be 32B.

4.    Refer to the cup chart. The website shares the following cup charts for easy reference when buying bras. Please see below.

AA = 1/2"
A = 1"
B = 2"
C = 3"
D = 4"
DD or E = 5"
F = 6"
G = 7"

This is your guide to getting form-enhancing and correct-fitting bras for your body type. For more information, click on

5.    Take your chest and bust size. This is very different from determining your correct bra and cup size. The results of this exercise will help you buy the clothes that will look good on you and as well as enhance this part of your body. This time, you need to wear a good support bra. Take your measuring tape and take your measurement at the very tips or pointy portion of your support bra. Do not worry about this measurement being larger than your actual bra size. It’s supposed to come out that way to help create the fullness that you need when wearing blouses, t-shirts, and dresses.

Ladies need a little beauty boost sometimes. Wearing the right bra will definitely make women feel sexier therefore, feel more beautiful in an instant.


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