How To Minimize a Large Bust

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Ever wish that you weren't quite so well endowed? Struggling to find styles and fashion tips that suit your large bust? If you're a large busted woman who just never knows what to wear, fear not. Here are some tips to help you minimize the size of your chest.

Step 1

Choose the right neckline. If you have a large bust that you want to minimize, there are some fashion tips to help you dress appropriate for your body type. First of all, the more skin you can expose around your collarbone and neckline, the better. This draws attention away from your chest and upward toward your neck. . On the other hand, a slight cowl neckline is also flattering for large-chested women, as it creates a feminine neckline. Don't go with anything bulky though, as it will create the opposite effect. And make sure you choose tops that aren't too tight but still slightly hug your figure. Anything that is boxy will never work on a full-figured or large busted woman.

Step 2

Don't overdo it. Another tip for minimizing a large bust is to avoid wearing too much around your neck. An excess of fabric, especially near your bust line, emphasizes that area rather than drawing attention away from it. So don't wear neck scarves, big necklaces or extremely baggy cowl necklines. These add just too much bulk to your chest area (which doesn't need any more of that!).

Step 3

Choose longer garments. To minimize the size of your bust, you can also choose longer clothing. A shirt dress that has linear lines helps to even out your figure and draw the eyes of onlookers downward. And any woman with a large bust should have a ¾ length trench coat in her wardrobe. It's a staple. This not only helps to elongate your figure, but it also gives you a slimmer appearance and hides some of the bulk in your chest.

Step 4

Select the proper design on your clothing. Dresses and trench coats that have a solid pattern are also excellent for bustier women as they don't focus the eye on the chest. Instead, an all-over pattern will have people looking at all of you, head to toe. Just make sure that the pattern works for your body shape and size. Large, subtle flowers are fine for just about anyone, for example, whereas horizontal stripes aren't. Whether on a shirt dress or corduroy, horizontal stripes stretch your bust further outward visually, which isn't what you want. So make sure any stripes that you wear are vertical in order to slim down your entire figure, especially your bust.

And if you can find dresses or coats with princess seams, these are ideal for large-busted women as well. Anything that clinches just below your bust line or at your waist line, even slightly, is flattering for your figure. And as an added bonus, when properly fitted to your chest, this style helps to flatten out your chest a little bit, drawing attention away from your large bust.


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