How To Model Wedding Dresses

Women dream of becoming a lovely bride. They always think about the silky veil, the gorgeous gown, and the dazzling shoes – all the works. They also imagine the fretful walk along the aisle, the beautiful flowers, and the adoring guests. But why should you wait for the right time to exchange vows with the man of your dreams, when you could get the chance to wear a wedding dress any time you wish? Consider modeling a wedding dress. Here are some ways of effectively doing the job:

1. Stand tall, look tall. A wedding dress is meant to highlight a woman’s figure, literally and metaphorically. So, you could celebrate that by carrying the wedding dress well. Few tips? Tuck you stomach in. Put your chest out. Elongate your neck. Strive to look statuesque, not stiff. Move elegantly.

2. Rise to the demands of the occasion. Know more about what is expected of you as a wedding dress model. Your goal is to please your “client”.

For example, if a local wedding gown designer hired you to showcase his creations in a private, intimate show, find out ahead who were invited. If you have brides-to-be in the guest list, project like a bride-to-be. Inspire them to love what you are wearing. That’s the main reason why you have them there. Thrill them.

Now, if an events director invited you to model in a trade show or in a fashion spectacle, expect a bigger crowd. You might probably walk on a runway so get ready for the challenge. Anticipate how to parade in front of a larger aficionados. How do you adjust the size of your steps? How “big” are your gestures? How animated is your face? How do you sashay with the music?

Of course, it is a totally different ballgame if you were just asked to pose for a magazine spread. Modeling in front of a camera requires projection and attitude. Consider “talking to the camera”. Let your eyes smile a lot. Let your face glow and exude confidence. Make your photos stand out.

3. Think and act like a real bride. People would easily differentiate a “fake” from a “professional”. Consider the way you would move. Take care of your make up. Don your hair properly. Nuances and details would certainly create the total, believable package you aim to achieve.

4. Give a genuine smile. A real bride feels ecstatic. She knows that her wedding means a lot and it opens another door in her life. She is happy about it. And all of these are indicated by her sweet, sincere smile. Emulate that. Let your smile accentuate your wedding gown.

Modeling wedding dresses is a unique endeavor. It would allow you to experience the thrill and the excitement of sealing a commitment to a loved one. So, give it your best whether you are just modeling for a local wedding gown designer, an events director, or a print photographer. Who knows? It could be your dressed rehearsal to something grand and memorable in the future.


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