How To Pack a Men's Suit

In this modern corporate society, life would not be complete without proper grooming. And when we speak of proper grooming, what comes to mind are suits—suits that should always be kept neat, clean and ready for use. There would not be problem if you would be going to your office, to a conference or a meeting, coming from your own place because you can easily wear the suit fresh from the closet, clean, neat and even scratch free. But the problem arises when you have to go out of town for a series of seminars, or any other corporate events, where you would need your suits with you. You will have to pack it in such a manner that once you bring it out from your luggage, it will appear as if it came fresh from the closet. Below are the best methods in how to pack a men's suit, keeping it clean, wrinkle-free, and neat.

Pack all necessary items in a suitcase first. First thing you need to do in packing your suit is to pack all other items that you need to bring with you, i.e, shirts, shorts, etc. This is because you suit will be placed atop of those items to keep it neat and clean. Be sure to keep items like toothpaste, hair gel or any other materials that could spill, well sealed. If possible, place them in a separate bag so you could prevent staining your shirts, especially your suits.

Put the suit over the packed items. Once everything is packed, put your suit across the luggage. Place it in a way that the collar is a line with the hinge of your luggage. Maintain a space of about 1-1.5 inches between the hinge and the suit. Then neatly fold the arms going inside, in front of the suits.

Put the pants over the suit. Once the suit is in place, it is time to put the pants over it. Put the pants over the suit with the waist following the shoulders of the suit. Be sure that you have folded your pants half lengthwise properly before putting on top of the suit. Just put it across the luggage, over the suit with legs running downwards.

Fold the suit from the bottom upwards. Fold the suit upward, that is, folding it from the bottom going inside. Fold it in such a way that you will still be able to close the luggage without hitting the suit. At best, maintain a certain distance between the zippers and the end of the suit. Fold the suit alongside the pants that is lying on top.

Fold the pants neatly. Once you have folded the suit upwards, fold the remaining legs of the pants neatly. You will just have to fold the pants once more after folding it together with the suit. Remember not to do a lot of folding to your pants for it might retain marks afterwards. Note that when you fold the pants for the third time (after folding it together with suit), follow the 1-1.5 inches you maintained between the collar and the hinge.

Pack up. Now your luggage and suits are ready. Close the luggage and you are ready to go.

Remember these steps to keep you neat and clean every time you have to go out with that suit. Put in mind that proper packing of the suit is as equally important as when you are wearing it, because no matter how good you carry it, the condition of the suit itself will always come first in the eyes of the people around.


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