How To Pack a Purse

For most women, going out would not be complete without that purse. Whether you are heading to school, the office or simply doing your usual nights out, a purse is a necessity. Every day society becomes more and more complex. With these complexities, we come to realize that we need more and more stuff aside from our wallets. We realize that the four pockets of our jeans or skirts are not enough to house everything we need every time we go out, not to mention the discomforts of loading our pockets with a lot of stuff. Today, we bring “big wallets” to aid these growing needs. But what exactly are the things we need to pack in our purse, and how would we do it? Below are ways on how.

Select the right bag. First thing you have to consider would be the bag. Be sure that you use the one with lots of pockets inside to keep your things organized and settled. Remember one of the main reasons why you are packing a purse is to keep your things organized. For sure you would not want to spend a couple of time trying to locate your cars keys, cellular phones or make-up. If you do not have a bag with that many pockets, then just use smaller bags where you would place stuffs of the same kind, like make-up, toiletries, etc.

Never carry your wallet separate from your purse. Remember not to carry your wallet separately from your purse to avoid holding two important things at the same time. Doing otherwise would only cause hassle on your part for carrying two things, not to mention the risk of losing either of those bags. What you need to do is to place your wallet in your purse. If it does not fit, use a smaller wallet or use a bigger purse to accommodate your wallet.

Place your cellular phone and keys in a pocket. Two of the most important things in your bag apart from your wallet are your cellular phones and car keys. These are the things that you need to get immediately every time you need them. Being so put these two items in a separate pocket so you can pick any of them easily when needed.

Prepare the things you want to be with you for the entire time. Before leaving your house, prepare everything you need for the entire time, like make-up, tooth brush and other toiletries, and if possible throw everything you need in the bed then pack them in your purse. You would not surely want to leave something behind and realize you left it only when you needed the item.

Leave one extra pocket for contingency. Once everything is set, be sure to leave one pocket for contingency like for cigarettes or subway tickets. These things are items you need to immediately get, especially the one for subway.
Purses nowadays have become not just a fashion statement, but also a necessity. Indeed, we almost cannot get out of the house without these purses. Not only does this purse make life outside more comfortable, but it also keeps our things organized.


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