How To Pick a Prom Dress

One of the most exciting things for girls is when they get to dress up, and the ultimate time to dress up is the high school prom.  They get to spend weeks looking around for the perfect dress that will make them look as beautiful as possible.  It is every girl's dream to pick out the perfect dress.  A balance of style and swagger that will get you noticed, but also be elegant enough for the prom.  This article is for all the girls out there looking for that great prom dress. 

Step 1

Find a price range.  Unlike guys searching for tuxedos, many girls end up buying their prom dress.  Even though it is more than likely the only time they will wear it, it is still something so special that they will want to keep it around forever.  Since you are buying the dress you will need to figure out what price range you are looking in.  Decide what your budget is and go from there with your search.

Step 2

Get fitted.  Since this is such a special night, you are going to want to dazzle as much as possible and the best way to do that is have a dress that not only looks good but fits good.  You want something that is comfortable as well.  Be sure you get the right measurements so the dress not only looks good on you, but also is comfortable to wear for the night. 

Step 3

Pick your design.  When deciding what type of design you are going to go with you will want to take into account a few different things.  Are you going for a classic look?  What type of pattern are you looking for?  Prom dresses can come in so many different designs and forms that you could spend months looking for the right look.  Have something in mind that you can look for.

Step 4

Pick the right colors.  As the girl, it is going to be up to you to decide what the color scheme is going to be for you and your date.  This does not mean you have to match perfectly but you will want to have somewhat of the same colors so that you do not clash.  Pick a color that you both agree on, but one that you feel comfortable in. 

For many girls the prom is the ultimate day of dress up.  You get to pick the perfect dress and hopefully have the perfect night.  Use some of these tips to help make your prom perfect.

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