How To Purchase Loose Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals are much sought after by jewelry designers, fashion designers and all those who want the gloss and glitter of crystal beads without paying such a hefty price. Swarovski crystals have unsurpassed precision cutting and brilliance that used to be found only in diamonds. The crystals have a myriad of colors replicated from nature and more. One example of this is the Swarovski Crystal AB meaning the permanent coating has been patterned after the Aurora Borealis and gives off rainbow colors of green, purple, blue and pink.

Daniel Swarovski invented the machine that revolutionized the precision machine cutting of crystals that we know today. Swarovski crystals are perfectly cut and flawless and the colors do not vary, which is very essential for jewelry making.

Due to the massive popularity of Swarovski crystals, they are often imitated and it takes trained eyes to spot the difference between the genuine and the fake. Here are some tips on how to buy loose Swarovski crystals.

  1. Loose Swarovski crystals are mostly sold by online stores in batches of different colors and sizes. Be wary of crystal beads that are strung together as genuine Swarovski crystals have never been sold this way.
  2. Examine the crystals carefully. The facet points should all line up. With the precision and method of cutting of Swarovski crystals, done with the help of 3D imaging which shows how best to cut the crystals for maximum light reflection, all Swarovski crystals, all the facet points are aligned and meet up and this is maintained in each and every genuine Swarovski crystal you will buy.
  3. Look at the surface of the crystal. It should be very glossy, clear and flawless. There should be no swirls and the coating must be very uniform and smooth. It should glint and sparkle brightly when turned against the light.
  4. Check the crystal against the light. The color should be uniform and there should be no bubbles inside the crystal. If you see any imperfection within the crystal, then you know that that is an imitation one.
  5. The shape of the crystal should be very uniform. The size and shape should never vary. Swarovski crystal come in bicones, rondelles, flatbacks, squares, briolettes and rounds. That is not all. Swarovski crystals also come in various shapes like butterflies and flowers. The newest ones are the Swarovski pearls. The rim around the hole should be very smooth. The bicone tips should be more transparent than the rest of the crystal.
  6. Swarovski crystals are now named CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements. The crystals under this brand are for use in fashion. The company has opened a concept store in New York City where you can directly buy loose stones and have custom jewelry made. The store showcases seasonal designs by renowned jewelry designer. You can also have a ball creating your own designs with a variety of Swarovski crystals with their special software tools. Informed and helpful staffs are available to assist you and help you create your own custom made jewelry pieces and have it made to order, which will be available after two weeks.
  7. Some Swarovski crystals come with their swan hallmark, particularly for some large pieces. If you are one of the lucky ones who have items that come by an original packaging, you will see a silver hologram that says CRYSTALLIZED™.
  8. Genuine Swarovski crystals are heavier than other crystal beads due to its lead oxide content. Swarovski beads contain thirty-four percent lead oxide, as against other beads, which contain from ten to twenty-five percent.

Look for online stores that sell authentic Swarovski crystals. They may cost more but you can be assured that you are buying the real ones. Some online stores you can check are Rhinestone Depot, Crystals2Love and RhinestoneShop. And for a truly fun experience, visit the Swarovski Crystallized website.


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