How To Recognize Popular Jewelry Chains

A jewelry chain is an essential in any jewelry collection. It's versatile, able to be worn alone or carrying a pendant. And there are several different designs of jewelry chains that offer varying looks for men and women. If you're shopping for a new jewelry chain (or necklace) and you're not too familiar with the types of jewelry chains available, this guide on how to recognize popular jewelry chains should help.

Step 1

Box chain. A box jewelry chain is square in appearance. The links themselves look like little boxes or squares. When connected, these links create a smooth, perfectly square chain. This type of chain is also commonly referred to as a Venetian chain.

Step 2

Wheat chain. A jewelry chain with a wheat design is made up of ovals that have been slightly twisted. These links are connected and intertwined in order to create an intricate necklace. The overall design looks almost like the chain has been woven together.

Step 3

Rolo chain. A rolo chain is easy to recognize. Picture perfectly circular links joined together, almost like a string of donuts! This type of jewelry chain can be made using large or small links to create a subtle or bold look.

Step 4

Bead chain. A bead chain looks just like the name implies. It is a chain of beads, joined together with a single strand of metal. The beads are stationary on the chain, and there are usually small gaps between each bead link.

Step 5

Rope chain. You can easily recognize a rope chain because it looks just like rope. It is made up of at least two twisted chains that are fused together. And each of those chains looks to be made up of at least ten tinier strands of metal. When all are twisted together, it has the appearance of a length of rope.

Step 6

Byzantine chain. A byzantine chain looks like a random interwoven mess of metal, even though much thought goes into the construction of this popular jewelry chain. Like a bird's nest or a pile of barbed wire, this jewelry chain doesn't appear to have a pattern, although it does. Picture lots of tiny circles and ovals all intertwined so closely that you can barely see them. That's a byzantine-style jewelry chain.

Step 7

Snake chain. A snake chain has the appearance of snake's skin. The links all face the same direction, and have a slight curve in the middle of them. With no gaps between each of the links in this popular jewelry necklace, the links look like scales. This is a popular style of necklace for men.

Step 8

Mesh chain.  A mesh jewelry chain looks like mesh (go figure!). It is a bit wider than traditional jewelry chains. Tiny twisted circular links are intricately woven together (often at least 5 tiny links in width) to create this flat chain.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the popular jewelry chains available. However, it does give a basic description of just about any chain you might consider buying. If you're shopping online and a necklace or chain doesn't come with a clear picture, these descriptions should help you to recognize and compare popular jewelry chains.


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