How To Recycle Pantyhose

Women at some point in their lives will wear some form of hosiery (stockings or pantyhose). Stockings and pantyhose are fragile. This type of under garment doesn’t tend to last long. In fact, a brand new one can easily be discarded the next day because of a tear, more commonly called a run. When these get caught on something sharp, you can expect a small tear or an all out irreparable run.

Stockings and pantyhose are usually made of nylon. The market for hosiery all over the world is huge. So, what happens when the pantyhose is not usable anymore?  They probably end up in landfills across the globe. The sad news is nylon is non-biodegradable. Yet in this era of recycling, discarded pantyhose can have a new lease on life.

20 Ways to Recycle Old Pantyhose

Here are some ideas on how you can reuse old stockings and pantyhose.

  1. Instead of using ropes or strings, use pantyhose to tie plants. Nylon is a strong material that can hold branches and stems but at the same time it is soft and stretchable, safe for plants.
  2. Use stockings to tie things other things. Because it is stretchable, you can use it to secure almost anything.
  3. Make an aquarium or pond skimmer using the pantyhose. Reuse an old wire coat hanger and use this as the frame for the skimmer.
  4. Cover your floor broom with the pantyhose. This is great for catching and picking up dirt, hair and dust from the floor.
  5. Use stockings as soap holders. Hang them beside faucets for easy access.
  6. Turn old stockings into polishing cloths for shoes and leather bags. They can also be used to effectively clean sinks and tiles minus the scratches.
  7. Use the pantyhose as an applicator for varnish or finish. This is especially useful for hard to reach areas.
  8. Keep flower bulbs or even onions in clean pantyhose legs.
  9. Protect rolls of wrapping paper, posters and wallpaper in pantyhose legs. This will keep their rolled up shape and protect them from damage.
  10. Put a stocking over garden vegetables and fruits like squash and jackfruit. This reduces damage caused by hungry bugs.
  11. Use one pantyhose leg as a replacement for your car’s torn fan belt. In an emergency situation, you simply tie one leg around the crank and the pump pulleys. Cut loose ends. Bring the vehicle to the nearest car repair shop for repairs.
  12. Place a part of the pantyhose over the outlet hose of the washing machine. This will catch some of the lint.
  13. Keep jewelry pieces in old stockings. This protects them from rubbing against one another.
  14. Hang seeds of flowering plants or vegetables that are for drying in used pantyhose.
  15. Use stockings as a stuffing material for pillows, cushions, dolls, puppets and other craft projects.
  16. Clean oil spills with used pantyhose.
  17. Make a ball out of a stocking and use this in a circular rubbing motion over deodorant stains on clothes.
  18. Use it as a liner for pots. The stockings will keep the soil in the pot.
  19. Place dried potpourri in small pantyhose pouches. Tie these all over the house for that clean, lovely scent.
  20. Strain old lumpy paint with stockings.

There’s absolutely no reason to throw away your old hosiery. The possibilities of recycling used, old or damaged stockings and pantyhose are endless. Why not add more to the list!


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