How To Remove Odors from Shoes

Having smelly feet

Odors from shoes are really bothersome, most especially if it is from your favorite pair of shoes. But don't fret, because there are various ways to prevent and remove odors from footwear.

Start with your feet. To prevent odors accumulating in your shoes, first start with clean feet. Make sure your feet are clean and fresh before wearing shoes. It is important to wash and dry your feet properly to avoid bacteria breeding in your shoes. You might also have to use foot powder to keep your feet dry.

Use baking soda. Baking soda is one of the most effective ways to remove odor from shoes. All you need to do is spread baking soda inside your shoes and leave it there overnight. You can simply shake out the baking soda before wearing your shoes the next day.

Use disinfectant products. There are a lot of disinfectant spray products available in the supermarket, and these are also available in different scents. Disinfectants are effective because these attack the odor-causing germs from your shoes, rather than just the bad smell. All you need to do is spray the disinfectant inside the shoes before and after wearing. Do this every day, to prevent bacteria from building up.

Wash your shoes. Wash your shoes regularly, if necessary. This is applicable to shoes that can be washed, like runners, sneakers, and anything made of washable fabric. To wash your shoes, you can use shoe bags specifically made for washing shoes in the washing machine. These will help protect your shoes from being damaged while spinning. Or, you may also scrub your shoes by hand, with liberal use of detergent. Make sure to brush your shoes and rinse thoroughly.

Wear socks. If you are fond of wearing sneakers, runners, or even loafers, make it a habit to wear socks. These help absorb moisture, and therefore prevent bacteria buildup. When buying socks, choose those made mostly of cotton material, so your feet can breathe. Using socks mostly made of nylon or other non-breathable fabric might only make the odor problem worse.

Use Orange peel. Orange peel is also a good shoe freshener. You can leave orange peels inside your shoes overnight to help remove odors and kill bacteria.

Use foot powder. Foot powders are specifically made to address odor problems. Be sure to use the powder regularly. You can apply foot powder both on your feet and inside your shoes before wearing. You can also apply foot powder inside your shoes after wearing, to absorb any moisture that may have built up during wear.

Wear your shoes alternately. Wearing a different shoe every other day could help eliminate odor from shoes. Let your shoes rest for a day or two. It will prevent any build up of odor and will help keep your shoes fresh.

Keeping your feet fresh and dry is usually the most important step in eliminating odors from shoes. If you wear socks most of the time, make sure your socks are washed and dried properly, too. Keep moisture under control, and this will also keep odor away.


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