How To Remove Stains from Cashmere Apparel

You love your soft cashmere sweaters and scarves yet no matter how well you treat them, they seem to attract stains.

  1. Trust your drycleaner. At first glance, the best option for cleaning cashmere is a professional cleaning by an experienced drycleaner. They have the best chemicals and the experience to remove stains and protect your cashmere from fading and losing its shape during the cleaning process.
  2. Follow the tag for regular cleaning. If you don't clean your cashmere garments properly when you regularly wash them, they will lose any resistance to stain they may have had. For regular washes you should hand wash the sweaters in warm water using a special gentle soap made for cashmere or a mild hair shampoo.
  3. When drying, do not twist or wring. To dry a cashmere sweater or scarf you should gently squeeze each section to remove excess water. Then shape the sweater before placing it on a rack to air dry. Do not apply heat or place the item outside in sunlight in order to speed drying.
  4. Apply stain treatment. There are several pre-treaters or stain solutions available specifically for cashmere fabrics. Choose these stain solutions. When the sweater is dry, apply the stain solution. Do not rub or brush the solution into the stain. Instead use your clean hands and lightly push the solution against the sweater fabric to soak it into the stain. Let the solution sit for a few minutes. Follow the time specified on the solution you use.
  5. Try hair spray. If you don't have a pre-treating solution available, consider hair spray. Lightly spray the hair spray over the stain. Let it sit for a few moments until the hair spray dries. Then use a damp towel to lightly wipe the spray from the fabric. This method should remove the stain without damaging the fabric texture or knit.
  6. Hand wash. Once you have treated the stain, follow the regular cleaning guidelines from step two and drying from step three. Once dry you should notice the stain has been removed and the sweater is ready to wear again.
  7. Dry fully. Remember to air dry with no heat or movement. Don't be surprised if after washing the cashmere sweater smells a little like a wet dog or cat. Remember that cashmere is natural wool from real sheep so that when wet it will have an odor. Once dry however the cashmere will take on the scent of the cleaning shampoo or solution you used.

You can remove stains from your favorite high priced cashmere. All you need is to follow these steps and be gentle with your favorite natural fabrics.


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Great idea to use hair spray. Have not heard that before. Thanks for the clue on the smell.

By Mary Norton