How To Reuse Clothes

If you rummage carefully around your closet, you are sure to find tons of old clothing that you never use anymore and forgot about. If you organize and pile these clothes, you may be surprised to find that a large pile of old clothes is the result. Now since you don’t really plan on wearing these out of fashion pieces, your only real option is to throw them out or sell them through a garage sale. However, there are other ways to make use of your old wardrobe without having to sell or give them away. There are numerous ways to recycle and reuse clothes and contribute to an evolving eco-friendly world.

Use as rags. Those items of old clothing with stains and tears in the fabric can still be put to good use instead of throwing them away. You can use clothes that are made of fabrics that are lint-free or lint-resistant will make great cleaning rags and drop cloths. Double the effect if these old items are made of cotton.

Reuse the buttons and zippers. Some of the clothes that have buttons and zippers can still be recycled and salvaged. Remove the buttons and collect them in a box. You can use these extra buttons should your regular and current clothing loses its button. The zipper can be used to seal open bags and other fabric containers. Of course, you will need to have some working knowledge in basic sewing to make use of these.

Use as bags and containers. Cut up and sew old clothes to create fashionable and creative bags and fabric containers. If you salvaged the zippers from your old pants and jackets, than you can use these as the seal for the bags. Again, sewing skills will be advantageous for this task.

Use old clothes to wear for manual and messy labor. Old clothes with stains and tears can be worn when engaging in painting, gardening, and any other activity where your clothes can get stained and dirty. This saves your regular clothes from the wear and tear of the activity.

Give your old clothes to Goodwill. Put your old clothes to good use by giving it to people who need it and will wear it. Locate a local Goodwill office and donate these articles of clothing there. Without knowing and seeing it, you will make a lot of people’s lives more comfortable and a lot easier.

Use the fabric to create new clothes. If you are pretty good at sewing, then you can actually do this to recycle your old clothes. Cut up the fabrics of your old clothes and use it to create new clothes for your children, younger siblings, or pets. For instance, you can use an old and worn down sweater’s fabric to create a sweater for your precious pet dog.

Sew your clothes to create blankets and bed sheets. Another way to recycle old clothes is to select similar fabrics from your clothing and sewing it together to create a blanket or bed sheet. Pillowcases can be made as well.

There are literally hundreds of other ideas that will allow you to recycle and reuse your old clothes. It is basically about using your imagination, creativity and practicality.


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