How To Select a Ladies' Billfold

Ladies really have this addiction for shopping, not to mention their eyes for trendy clothes, high stilettos, cool bags, glamorous make-up and a lot more. They always want to be in style, be beautiful or maybe just to look good in their own skin. Everything they put on their bodies reveals a great number of things about themselves. Of course, when they go out to hang out with friends, to set off to school or the office, and especially when shopping which they love the most, they bring along with them their wallet or billfold. This is a perfect idea as a gift for them. Here are some tips on how to select ladies' billfold:

  1. Color - Color preference largely affect your choice of a wallet. If you want it plain, simple and minimalist, try earth colors such as black, brown, gray and dark shades of green. If you like it to be on a 60s impression retro style, try bright colors such as pink, yellow, red, orange and the other neon colors. The manufacturers usually give a combination of various colors of a particular design. Knowing the favorite color of the recipient is a great advantage. 
  2. Material - Your selection ranges from authentic leather, to stainless steel, to artificially-made leather. Genuine leather goods typically last longer up to a lifetime compared to the artificially-made ones. Buxton (brand name) wallets guarantee you high-quality leather-made wallets and leather handbags. On the contrary, stainless steel billfolds are light-weight and slim.
  3. Design - The Louis Vuitton logo and design entices almost anyone because of its classical elegance, quality and beauty. Animal prints of tigers, leopards or zebras suggest the wild and untamed individuality. Artist-inspired designs are exquisite and rare. The design in itself also speaks of a certain culture.
  4. Number of folds - Simply, it could be twofold, trifold or more. More often than not, the lesser the number of folds, the lesser its carrying capacity. Generally, ladies opt for twofold wallets because they could just open and close the fold easily which is less time consuming, especially when they are in a hurry to go to the next store or to catch up on the next appointment. 
  5. Carrying capacity/Space/Size - Some billfolds can carry almost everything you need that it can be considered a clutch bag, handbag or leather belt. It has a pen holder, identification card windows, checkbook cover, multiple card slots, pockets, coin purse, picture windows, and cash slip pocket. The “carry-all” wallet is most suitable for working moms because everything important to them in making transactions or going to the market is ready on hand.


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