How To Select Money Clips for Men

Money clips are very nice accessories and useful for keeping money in place. Women have all their jewelry, but its equivalent for men will be the likes of the money clips that make a good partner to their wallets. Of course, the wealthiest of men make the best use of these money clips, but you can make your man feel as wealthy as can be if he has a very suitable money holder in his possession.

  1. Material for the money clip. Wallet clips need to match the wallet material. Some of the common clips include leather and metal. Metal can be paired with leather occasionally, depending on the design. Leather clips are not the most preferred in the many types of holder clips since metal ones have a more robust quality in them. But the leather ones still make a good match for wallets especially if they share the same shade. Orvis shows a decent listing of leather money clips that you can choose from. Sidelines International offers you some nice metal money clips in their roster.
  2. Money clip dimensions. How large will you want the money clip? This is a very good consideration if you are choosing your money clip. The good thing about selecting money clips before actual purchase is that you get to compare different sizes and this goes for both online and brick and mortar stores.
  3. Length of use and budget. Comparison shopping for money clips from websites such as Net Shoppers and My Shopping are some of the best websites you can consult when you are selecting money clips within a certain budget range. The length of your use is also a primary factor. You may want to invest in an expensive type provided that it will last longer and perhaps provide a longer warranty than other types.
  4. Vintage design options. Ebay’s top seller, the USA Silver Dollar money clip is a good gift idea for money clips. The vintage types are not always silver clips and you may find other better designs in the vintage department but they also come with a vintage price.
  5. Personality and personalization. If you can personalize the money clips  (for example, options to engrave initials) and check the money clip which best reflects the personality of the man you want to give the gift to, then you are able to have half the problem solved in your selection. Some might even prefer the magnetic types for better ease of use, so you might benefit if you check out all the features first from different types before making your final decision. A Perfect Wallet offers you a good sample of personalized money clips that match the wallet designs for men.

The best thing in choosing among men’s accessories such as money clips is that it is not really as complicated as the possibilities presented for women’s jewelry and accessories. You already have the advantage of a relatively narrowed down selection that will make your shopping easier and fun.


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