How To Select the Perfect Eyeglasses

There are various reasons why our vision becomes impaired. It could be because of too much exposure to computer monitors without protection like screens, or because of our constant improper reading like in a dark area or in a moving vehicle. In other words, there are just a lot of people who need eyeglasses to get things done. More and more people are becoming eyeglass-dependent. Because of this dependency, they usually exclude the term "fashionable" from their vocabulary as far as the way they carry themselves. But this should not be the case. You can be fashionable even with those eyeglasses. You just have to choose the right pair of eyeglasses that suits you well. Here is how.

  1. Avoid invisible frame eyeglasses. Optical shops have various frames. One of the most common nowadays is the invisible frame. If you are still young, or even a not so young who works hard to look younger than his age, avoid eyeglasses that have invisible frames, as they call it. This only makes you look like a granny.
  2. Consider your complexion when selecting the right one. It is not uncommon to see eyeglasses with different frame colors. Believe it or not, not all colors can go along well with your complexion, whether you are black, a white or a fair. So you have to consider your complexion when choosing a frame color. If you have fair complexion, it would be safe to choose a rich one. But try to avoid dark colors. It may not blend well with those who have fair complexion. For those with medium and olive, brown and black frames may be very good for you. If you are not so sure on your complexion, select a tortoise frame. It is one of the safest colors for it can blend well with any complexion.
  3. Be sure that the sides of frame just fit your face. Avoid buying frames that are either too short or too long for your face. Be sure that the frame is just fit with your face's outline.
  4. Give funky frame a try. Funky frames are good if you are not fond of make-ups whenever you are going out. Funky frames can carry you even without your make up.
  5. Consider your outfit. Put in mind that there is no one-size fits-all approach in selecting eyeglasses. Meaning, one eyeglass cannot match all wardrobe types. So if you are buying just a pair of eyeglasses, make sure that the one you will choose matches your everyday outfit. If you are working in a corporate world, be sure to choose the more formal ones. Half-rimmed and thin frames blend with formal attire. The more colorful ones are reserved for a more casual wears. At best, if you can afford to purchase two pairs, for formal and casual, then the better.

Gone are the days when people wearing glasses were branded as geeks, or people who have been so distant with fashion because of their eyeglasses. Today, optical shops and various sports manufacturers have actually succeeded in fusing eyeglasses with fashion.


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