How To Sew a Bow Tie

Men's formal wear will never be complete without a tie. Ties have different faces and uses. Different formal occasions actually call for different styles of ties. The bow tie is the more formal one. If you were to attend a formal dinner, a bow tie would be the appropriate companion. If you do not have one, bow ties can be made easily. You can sew your own bow tie through the following steps.

  1. Prepare a strip of fabric. To be accurate, measure how long you want the bow tie to be, and then add an extra inch to it. The fabric's width should be 150% wider than the actual width of the bow tie.
  2. Run the fabric over an iron. Once you have finalized and cut the fabric, give it a run in an iron. But pre-heat the iron first. Always consider the type of fabric you are using when pre-heating the iron. If you were using fragile fabric, it would be better to use a cotton press cover to maintain its quality.
  3. Prepare a lightweight fusible interfacing. After preparing the fabric, prepare now a lightweight fusible interfacing. Cut it in a size the same as the fabric and then iron it at the back of the bow tie fabric, the wrong side. Remember to always follow the directions of the interfacing when ironing.
  4. Fold the ends toward the wrong side. Get both sides of the fabric folded going in to the wrong side. When doing this, be sure to fold little over one-half of the fabric's ends.
  5. Fold the fabric. Once you have the ends fixed, fold the fabric in half, meeting the two ends together. Then stitch the edge of the differing sides of the fold with a quarter of an inch allowance.
  6. Use a pin to get the right side of the fabric. Push a small-sized safety pin in one side of the bow tie, then twist the safety pin within the fabric then shove it from side to side to get the right side of the tie. And then take the pin away.
  7. Put the seam in its right place. Now get the seam you have reserved earlier and place it at the middle of the tie, the back part. Flat the tie by pressing it firmly. Look for the maximum temperature that you can use for that particular fabric and use that temperature for this step.
  8. Keep the corners of the tie neat and clean. To keep it neat, you have to tuck the end corner of the tie inside. When this is done, a point will be formed. Flatten this point by pressing it. Do exactly the same thing at the other side and your bow tie is ready.

Making your own bow tie can be a lot of fun. It is easy and may be done in a considerably short period of time. Apart from the fabric itself, all you need are proper and clear instructions on how to do it.


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