How To Shop for Designer Jewelry

Eyeing that dream marriage proposal? Or just trying to show off some dazzle to your partner? No matter the reason is, nothing will be complete without that classic jewelry; maybe a diamond ring or a gold necklace. To jumpstart your quest for the perfect designer jewelry you are planning to purchase, here are the important things to remember on your way to the perfect deal, and maybe even a perfect date or gift.

  1. Prepare to set the parameters. What jewelry exactly would you buy? Three factors should set your buying limits: budget, occasion, and the personal preference of the recipient. Your budget is the biggest factor, and this would be a standard operating procedure. However, many tend to overlook the second factor and eventually forget this during the process of canvassing. Always keep this in mind so you would not have big regrets after squandering your money for a mediocre deal. Another factor is the personal preference of the recipient. Basically, it would be really good for you to know what kind of jewelry the recipient craves. You can do some research through asking his/her friends what jewelry does she prefer for an engagement ring, for instance. Knowing this will greatly narrow down your choices in the process of canvassing.
  2. Look for trustworthy jewelry shops. Expensive jewelry, especially designer rings and such, definitely cost you a fortune, and squandering money for sub-standard jewelry is not a joke. Therefore, especially for designer exclusive jewelry, it would be a big help to know the ones who top the market in terms of quality. You can visit and to view a list of the best in the field. Some of these sites even have a list of the jewelry shops within your vicinity, which will guide you in searching for your perfect shop. Once you are at the shop, it is a guide measure to see if the shop is a member of the American Gem Society, an organization of high-quality jewelry shops.
  3. Check the shop’s quality assurance schemes and warranty. It would be a wise thing to check the store’s offers such as money-back guarantee and return policies. Designer gem jewelry, because of its expensiveness, must always be put into wise transactions, basically because, more often than not, you can make wrong choices or, pessimistically speaking, the shop can trap you into a worthless deal. A quality assurance scheme is a good indicator that the shop has trust in its products, and in case you have a second thought on your purchase, you will have the assurance that you will not be left wanting.
  4. Prepare questions and answers for the shop’s sales person/s. It is a sales person’s job to sell you the business’ product, and he will be a good resource person in your venture. Except for his sweet tongue that would try to drag you to a premature purchase, a sales person knows a substantial amount of things on what jewelry would be best for a recipient, which will certainly help you carry your burden of fretting for the perfect designer jewelry to buy. You can help in substantiating his ‘tip’ for you by adequately answering questions that he may throw out, which most likely require you to give the recipients height, facial features, hair length, your budget and things like that.

It is a difficult yet exciting experience to shop for the exquisite designer jewelry that would leave its recipient diamond-struck. Just put your wit and confidence into play, and the jewelry that would capture its wearer’s heart would just be few bucks away.


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