How To Shop for Lingerie

There are three specific kinds of lingerie—the brassieres, the panties and the nightgowns. The focus of this how-to will be on the bra and panty because the nightgown is really a personal choice. Everybody knows that the purpose of these is to protect the most sensitive parts of our body. However, lingerie can also add up spice and confidence to the user. The important thing is to know how to choose and shop for them.

For brassieres:

  1. Know your size.
  2. Wear one of your old bras.
  3. Stand straight and feel comfortable. Do not slouch.
  4. Using tape measure, wrap it around your under bust line and check the measurement.
  5. If measurement is an even number, add four inches. If measurement is an odd number, add five inches. That is your BRA SIZE.
  6. To know your cup, place the tape measure in the fullest part of your breast. This is the tip or the peak. Measure this and subtract the bra size to this measurement.
  7. If the difference (BRA SIZE – PEAK SIZE) is … a. Zero – Cup is A
    b. One inch – Cup is B
    c. Two or more inches – Cup is C
  8. Identify the purpose of buying a new bra. A t-shirt bra will not look good on a strapless dress. Also, if your purpose is only for casual bra, you can save money by choosing simple ones.
  9. Like coffee, bras have so many types. See below the varieties and plan what kind do you really need:
    a. With wire or non-wire: Wires are created in the contour of the bra to give fuller support.
    b. Lacey or without lace: Lacey bras are useful for low neckline dresses or dresses with eyelet fabric.
    c. Push-up bra or not: This is useful for women with big breasts. This counter the gravity pulls. Also, this can enhance cleavage.
    d. Convertible or not: convertibles are used for sleeveless types of tops. You can change the straps to halter style, crisscross, ordinary strap or even strapless for tubes tops.
    e. With or without pads: Pads enhance the breasts. If you are a size A, you may opt to use bras with pads to feel sexier.
  10. Lastly, choose your color. Rainbow colors can be cute, but more people prefer the neutral ones. Black is sexy, white is pure, and nude color is in!!

For Panties:

  1. Just like in the brassieres, know your size. This is easier to measure because most of the time, sizes just range from XS (extra small) to XXL (extra extra large). Usually, there is an included waistline or hipline measurement in the indicated size.
  2. Choose between the following: a. Hi- cut: This can cover the navel
    b. Bikini-cut: As sexy as a bikini
    c. Low- cut: Panties just above the hipline
    d. T-back: This expose the butt cheeks, great with flares
    e. Lacy: This can be used, but not limited to, in honeymoons.
  3. Choose your color. Try to have at least a color red. It’s sexy!


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