How To Shop for Petite Clothing

If you have a small size, it is important to choose the right clothes. Smaller women usually have a problem finding clothes with the right lengths for the sleeves, leg inseams, and vertical torso. Even if the circumferential measure of the hips, waist and bust are appropriate, the garment will still look too baggy. Petite is a standard clothing size which is specially designed to fit shorter women. They are typically made for women who are 5'3" and below in height. This is what you need to get the appropriately sized clothes.

Here are a few simple tips on how to shop for petite clothing:

  1. Choose clothes that are right for your body shape. There are five basic body shapes. If your lower body is bigger than your upper body, you are a Pear shape. Meanwhile, if your bust and shoulders are significantly bigger than your lower body, you are an Inverted Triangle. Those with rectangle body shapes have straight figures, with almost the same measurements. Meanwhile, a curvy body with a small waist is an Hourglass. Muscular bodies with broad shoulders have Apple shaped bodies.
  2. Elongate your body. You can make yourself look taller using the clothes you wear. Shop for clothes with vertical prints. Sweaters in ribbed knits and skirts with vertical pleating are a great choice if you want to add the illusion of height. Vertical details like zip front jackets and various cable patterns work just as well. Alternatively, you could create a long silhouette by going for dark, solid colors from head to toe.
  3. When choosing prints, make sure that the pattern is no bigger than your fist. Big patterns that are too bold will overwhelm your small frame, making you appear smaller. It would be best to pick small prints.
  4. Choose tops with a V-neck neckline. It is a way to help elongate your body and make you appear taller. To compensate for a neckline that is round or square, you can also choose long necklaces and accessories that mimic the ‘V' neckline.
  5. An advantage of having a petite frame is that shorter skirts actually look better on you. Remember, the maximum length for a skirt or pair of shorts should be at the knee. You can go above the knee, but never below. A mid-calf skirt will make you look even shorter. Short skirts will help make your legs seem longer.
  6. Pick the right jeans. Jeans are great for everyday use, and a good pair should be a staple in your closet. To pick the right ones, simply base the measurement on your hip size. Make sure that the inseam and the rise fit perfectly. You can find styles that are specifically designed for petite women. Tapered, skinny jeans work best for petite frames.

There is a dress for every body size. Petite women will be able to find buy the right clothes with these tips.


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