How To Shop for Triplets

Did you just find out today that you are pregnant with triplets? Triplets are the result of 1 fertilized egg that has split into 2 and one of them splits again so the result is 1 pregnancy with 3 babies. Triplets are categorized under multiple births, together with twins (identical or fraternal), quadruplets and quintuplets. Having 3 babies and soon-to-be 3 toddlers is going to be a handful for parents. From babyhood to adulthood, raising triplets will be a very great challenge. The cost is more challenging as well for the parents. So how do you shop for triplets?

Most of the time, parents of twins, triplets, quadruplets or quintuplets find it easier to shop for their babies with almost all of the same stuff, but that kind of practice might just be until they are toddlers, because later on they will have to be individuals and not triplets or twins. It will be important that you foster their individualism at an early age. But when they are still young then you’d worry less, because shopping for them might just entail you getting 3 of the same kind of clothes. Here are a few tips to shop for triplets:

  1. Check out deals from department stores and baby companies regarding multiple birth babies. More often than not they offer great deals and discounts to the parents of these babies when you’re purchasing baby equipment or clothes. You might save significantly, especially on your diaper consumption.
  2. Find a club for parents of multiples in your town or city. These clubs sometimes hold sales annually or bi-annually, and this event is where different families of multiples meet to buy and sell stuff. You can find great deals and bargains, and make it easier on your wallet when shopping for your triplets.
  3. When your department stores offer discounts, especially with diapers, buy lots of them so you can also save a lot. Anyway, you will be consuming a good volume of diapers for your 3 babies. The same goes for feeding bottles and other baby stuff. Look out for sales. They can help you a lot especially if you have triplets.
  4. Write down and compare prices from different stores so that you know which store can offer you the best deal.
  5. Check out online stores that are specialty stores for multiples (twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, etc.) These stores might have great bargains and will make shopping for your triplets easier, and some of them offer free shipping as well.

The tips above are just some out of the many that you could apply when shopping for your triplets. Having triplets is going to be a challenge, but it is also going to be quite a joy for your family. Later on when your triplets grow up they can find college scholarships for triplets as well, since education is going to be a major concern in adulthood. There are a lot of colleges and universities that offer discounts and scholarships to multiples. Right now when your triplets are still babies, enjoy them first while they are still young.


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