How To Soften Leather Boots

A pair of shoes completes a man's wardrobe. Wearing a good pair of shoes can make a man look decent and presentable. They may be made from rubber, leather canvas, vinyl and other materials. Leather boots are often made to last. However, these will often be hard and stiff when you first buy them. It is normal that will feel uncomfortable wearing them at first.  Regular use will soften them in time.

However, you might find yourself wanting to wear your leather boots as soon as you can, perhaps for a recreational activity like hiking. Here are some recommendations that can help soften your leather boots quickly.

Wear your leather boots as much as you can. While there are many alternatives, wearing your boots as much as possible still remains to be the easiest and the most practical way of softening them. If you have the patience and the time, this is the best way to do it. Simply wear your boots snugly, and walk around. But if you do not have time, you can try other techniques.

Spray with a mixture of alcohol and water. Spraying a half mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water on the exterior of your leather boots will help you soften them. After the application process, rub the moisture on the surface with your fingers to encourage the absorption of the mixture. Just make sure not to put in too much alcohol, as this might dry the leather too much.

Put some oil to your boots. Applying some oil to your boots will soften it quickly by moisturizing the leather. Numerous types of leather oils are available in any shoe store. Put little amount of oil in a cloth then rub it on the exterior of your boots. Remember not to rub too hard because it will take away some leather from your shoes.

Tightly lace your leather boots. Whenever you use your leather boots, always make sure to lace it as tightly as you can handle. This will enable your boots to stretch and conform to the shape of your feet, making them comfortable for you the next time you use them.

Maintain and condition your boots with leather conditioners. Preserving the elegance and beauty of your boots requires a lot of discipline from a person. Even if you have successfully softened your boots, you still need to condition them for a longer time of use. Smear some leather conditioner on your boots to maintain their smooth texture, good shape and condition.

It takes time for leather to soften. You need to have the persistence and the patience to speed up the process. However, it does not end there. Maintaining the good condition of your leather boots is another process to overcome.  Give proper care to your leather boots and they will serve you for a long, long time.

During the so-called "break-in" period, you might experience times of discomfort and stress from wearing your boots, especially if these are brand new. You will need to use foam inserts, which can help alleviate the soreness.


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