How To Spot a Fake Guess Handbag

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Aside from shoes and clothing, one thing women find hard to resist when shopping is purchasing an expensive branded bag. One of the most famous and cozy brand of bags in the world is the Guess handbag. Nowadays, knock-off bags have been prevalent because there are already machines that can imitate things such as bags. On the contrary, there are also ways on how you could find out whether or not your bag is a knock-off. With these, check these tips on how to check the authenticity of your Guess handbag.

  • Use the Internet. One of the advantages of becoming an Internet literate person is you will be able to learn how to distinguish fake from authentic by just a click. Reading blog posts, ebooks, and websites will educate you on how to spot a fake Guess handbag. You can also go to the Guess website and find which Guess-designed handbags are authentic ones.
  • See the Purse. Before buying a Guess handbag, check the purses for shoddy stitches. If there is any, do not buy it. Tight stitches are one assurance that the Guess handbag is authentic. Also, see if the stitches match the purse color because it signifies that it is really made by Guess Company.
  • Check the logo in the bag and in the zippers. An authentic Guess handbag always has a genuine logo outside the bag and in the zippers. Check the Guess website on what a genuine logo looks like. A fake Guess handbag usually has an easily identifiable imitation logo. Outer zippers without a Guess logo are an indication that a bag might be a fake one.
  • Look closely for the lining. A cotton fabric lining is one of the qualities of a real Guess handbag. The absence of it confirms that the bag is fake. Meanwhile, some knock-offs has fabric lining but still identifiable with a cheap fabric lining - usually translucent and flimsy.
  • See if there is a label inside of the bag. If the bag lacks the label inside, it is definitely fake. All branded bags include their label sewn inside. You can usually locate it above or below the zipper pocket of the purse. Knock-off manufacturers do not usually allot time and money sewing it (or sewing it in detail). In other words, a fake Guess handbag does not have any sewn label inside it or, if there is any, with crooked stitches.

Owning an authentic Guess handbag is certainly a dream come true for every woman. A luxurious Guess handbag adds sophistication and attraction to a girl who owns it. However, because of the modern machines created, it will be somewhat confusing now to point out which is a knock-off and which is not. Good thing is that modern technology is also helpful in spotting a fake object. Out of all the possible fake Guess handbags there, managing to have a genuine one reveals a lot of you as a person. It indicates that you are really careful in choosing the right things you will be spending some bucks for.


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