How To Spot a Fake Vera Bradley Purse

Have you experienced buying an expensive designer bag only to find out that it is a fake? Nowadays, manufacturers of counterfeit goods are becoming very smart. They can already imitate designer items almost to the last detail. It can be in the forms of shoes, clothing, bags and purses like the Vera Bradley purse. Still, there are telltale signs that can help the wary consumer become more mindful. Read these tips to learn more.

  • Check over the internet. One way to check for authenticity is to get online and check the Vera Bradley site for the item you wish to verify. contains the brand's latest and previous designs. If the bag you're looking at cannot be found on the official site, then chances are it's a fake.
  • Inspect the zipper haul and tag. The genuine and certified Vera Bradley scripted mark should become visible on the zipper's haul or puller. Although the haul can also be faked, some fake purses don't have a haul at all. On the other hand, if the Vera Bradley purse is brand new, the tag of this item is green. The tag typically connected to a green cord and inserted inside a purse's pouch. Make sure that the emblem and name of your Vera Bradley purse is in proper position and printed properly.  
  • Examine the price. Obviously, Vera Bradley items are extravagant. If you see that the Vera Bradley purse can be purchased for a cheap price, then it is a sign that you are looking at a fake purse. There is an explanation why Vera Bradley purses are costly. Vera Bradley purses are made of expensive and exceptional materials. Its cost is usually one of its reasons why women are crazy about having them. When you encounter a Vera Bradley purse with a bargain-priced, it is an absolute, fake unless there are clearance auctions at certified dealers and retailers.
  • Check the purse's interior. Fake Vera Bradley purses usually have incompatible zipper, with pockets or straps. On the other side, check the purse's fabric. An authentic Vera Bradley purse has soft fabric. Most of the fake purses have rough fabric having a coarse feeling when touching them. Another thing you must examine is the stitching. Often than not, knock offs have less durable and extensive stitching.
  • Confirm its manufacturers. Whether your Vera Bradley purse is made in the United States or anywhere in the world, you must ensure Vera Bradley's manufacturers are present in that location. Check if Vera Bradley owns an industrial unit in that state or country that produces Vera Bradley bags.

Today, fake designer items are very hard to resist. With that, though there are many ways to check the fake ones from the real ones, decoding it can be sometimes hard. Since Vera Bradley bags are much adored, women can be easily persuaded with this low quality knock offs.


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